Class 2 Maths Division Word Problems Worksheets

Download free pdf of CBSE Class 2 Division Word Problems Worksheets with answers. Students can easily get all the Class 2 Maths Worksheets and Exercises in Free Printable ( PDF Format) as per the latest syllabus and examination pattern in CBSE and NCERT pattern. Below you will find all the Division word problems that are asked in 2nd Grade Mathematics Exams Across indian Schools.

Division Word Problems Worksheets for Class 2 in PDF Format

Division Word Problems Worksheets for Class 2 with answers

Q 1: Anna has 5 red apples, and Tom has 3 green apples. How many apples do they have together?

Answer : Anna and Tom have a total of 5 red apples + 3 green apples = 8 apples together.

Q 2: There are 6 birds on a tree, and 4 more birds join them. How many birds are there in total on the tree?

Answer : There are 6 birds on the tree + 4 more birds = 10 birds in total on the tree.

Q 3: Sarah has 8 chocolates, and she gives 2 chocolates to her friend. How many chocolates does she have left?

Answer : Sarah has 8 chocolates – 2 chocolates = 6 chocolates left.

Q 4: There are 9 flowers in a garden, and 3 more flowers bloom. How many flowers are there in the garden now?

Answer : There are 9 flowers in the garden + 3 more flowers = 12 flowers in the garden now.

Q 5: Jack has 7 marbles, and he buys 5 more marbles from the store. How many marbles does Jack have now?

Answer 5: Jack has 7 marbles + 5 more marbles = 12 marbles now.

Q 6: In a basket, there are 10 oranges, and 2 oranges are eaten. How many oranges are left in the basket?

Answer 6: There are 10 oranges – 2 oranges = 8 oranges left in the basket.

Q 7: Emily has 15 stickers, and she gives 7 stickers to her brother. How many stickers does she have left?

Answer 7: Emily has 15 stickers – 7 stickers = 8 stickers left.

Q 8: There are 20 students in a class, and 4 students are absent. How many students are present in the class today?

Answer : There are 20 students in the class – 4 absent students = 16 students present in the class today.

Q.9 There are 12 cookies and they need to be divided equally among 4 children. How many cookies will each child get?

Answer: Each child will get 3 cookies.

Q.10 A bookshelf has 20 books on it, and you want to divide them equally among 5 shelves. How many books will each shelf have?

Answer: Each shelf will have 4 books.

Q.11 A pizza parlor has 8 large pizzas to deliver to a party. If each pizza needs to be cut into 8 slices, how many slices of pizza will there be in total?

Answer: There will be 64 slices of pizza in total (8 pizzas x 8 slices per pizza).

Q.12 You have 3 bags of candy that contain 20 pieces of candy each. You want to share the candy equally among 6 friends. How many pieces of candy will each friend get?

Answer: Each friend will get 5 pieces of candy (3 bags x 20 pieces per bag / 6 friends).

Q.13 A water tank can hold 240 gallons of water. If 30 gallons of water are used every day, how many days will the water last?

Answer: The water will last for 8 days (240 gallons / 30 gallons per day = 8 days).

Q.14 A group of friends want to split $120 equally. If there are 8 friends, how much will each friend get?

Answer: Each friend will get $15 ($120 / 8 friends).

Q.15 A box of chocolates weighs 0.5 kg. If you want to give each of your 4 friends an equal amount of chocolate, how much will each friend get?

Answer: Each friend will get 0.125 kg of chocolate (0.5 kg / 4 friends).

Q.16 A library has 300 books, and you want to place them equally on 5 shelves. How many books will each shelf have?

Answer: Each shelf will have 60 books (300 books / 5 shelves).

Q.17 A farmer has 24 horses and wants to divide them equally among 4 fields. How many horses will each field have?

Answer: Each field will have 6 horses (24 horses / 4 fields).

Q.18 A restaurant has 15 tables, and you want to seat people equally at each table. If there are 4 people at each table, how many people can the restaurant seat in total?

Answer: The restaurant can seat 60 people in total (15 tables x 4 people per table).

Q.19) Sham delivers 16 milk boxes 4 times a week. How many milk boxes did he deliver in a week?

Answer: 16 milk boxes * 4 times = 64 milk boxes in a week

Q.20 There are 32 cars in the parking lot. If they are divided into 4 groups, how many cars are there in each group?

Answer: 32 cars / 4 groups = 8 cars in each group

Q.21 Bini has 72 roses. She divided an equal number of roses between 8 friends. How many roses does each friend get?

Answer: 72 roses / 8 friends = 9 roses each

Q.22 Kim bought 30 mangoes. She wants to divide them among 6 people. How many mangoes would each person get?

Answer: 30 mangoes / 6 people = 5 mangoes each

Q.23 The wardrobe is full. If there are 24 shirts in 4 rows, how many shirts are in each row?

Answer: 24 shirts / 4 rows = 6 shirts in each row

Q.24 Amit gets 16 new toy cars. If the toy cars come in packs of 4, how many packs of toy cars did Amit get?

Answer: 16 toy cars / 4 cars per pack = 4 packs of toy cars

Q.25 8 boys share 46 candies equally. How many candies does each boy get?

Answer: 46 candies / 8 boys = 5 candies each with 6 candies left over

Q.26 A sandwich costs 10 rupees. Miss Sarita has 200 rupees. How many sandwiches can she buy?

Answer: 200 rupees / 10 rupees per sandwich = 20 sandwiches

Q.27 There are 125 candies in a packet. Distribute all the chocolates equally among 5 girls. How many chocolates each girl will get?

Answer: 125 candies / 5 girls = 25 candies each

Q.28 275 pens are packed into 5 packets. How many pens are there in each packet?

Answer: 275 pens / 5 packets = 55 pens in each packet

Q.29 7 girls share 49 candies equally. How many candies does each girl get?

Answer: 49 candies / 7 girls = 7 candies each

Q.30 Mandeep put 27 books in 3 equal groups. How many books did she put in each group?

Answer: 27 books / 3 groups = 9 books in each group

Division Word Problems for Class 2 in PDF Format