Division Word Problems Worksheet for Class 4

Download free pdf of Division Word Problems Worksheet for CBSE Class 4. Students can easily get all the Class 4 Maths Worksheets and Exercises in Free Printable ( PDF Format) as per the latest syllabus and examination pattern in CBSE and NCERT pattern. Below you will find all the Division Word Problems related sums that are asked in 4th Grade Mathematics Exams Across Indian Schools.

Division Word Problems Worksheet for Class 4 in PDF Format

Division Word Problems Practice Exercises for Class 4

Q.1 There are 6336 seats in an auditorium. Find the number of rows if each row has 36 seats.

Q.2 Dennis works as a volunteer in a public library. He always works for a total of 3 hours each time he goes there. Last week he worked for 12 hours. How many days did he volunteer at the library?

Q.3 Rajesh delivers 16 milk boxes 4 times a week. How many milk boxes did he deliver in a week? 

Q.4 Brijesh walks around a circular yard. It takes him 20 minutes to completely walk 1 time around. How many minutes did he take to complete 5 circles around the yard? 

Q.4 There are 40 bikes in the parking lot. If they are divided into 4 groups, how many bikes are there in each group? 

Q.5 Karim bought 40 mangoes. She wants to divide them among 5 people. How many mangoes would each person get?

Q.6 Bhavia has 120 roses. She divided an equal numbers of roses between 6 friends. How many roses does each friend get? 

Q.7 Leena put 150 paper pins in her pin box. The box has 5 rows. If each row has the same number of paper pins, how many pins did Lisa put on each row? 

Q.8 Anthony had 10 boxes of pens. Each box had 15 pens in it. How many pens did Edward have in total? 

Q.9 Amir gets 72 new toy cars. If the toy cars come in packs of 4, how many packs of toy cars did Anthony get? 

Q.10 The wardrobe is full. If there are 40 shirts in 5 rows, how many shirts are in each row? 

Q.11 Nancy’s garden has 4 rows of roses with 8 roses in each row. How many roses are in her garden? 

Q.12 Teachers distributed 1000 sweets among 500 children. How many sweets did each child get?

Q.13 Mr. Ajay had to distribute Rs. 1080 equally among his helpers. He has two drivers and a maid. How much money will each of them get?

Q.14 A group of 650 people were to be seated in 5 halls. How many people would be there in each hall?

Q.15 Rashmi had some mangoes in her bag which she divided between 3 friends and herself. Each one of them got 7 mangoes. How many mangoes did Rashmi have in the bag?

Division Word Problems for CBSE Class 4 in PDF