Score 100/100 marks in Maths

As it is an old saying that practice makes a man perfect so for mathematics practice papers are an intelligent way to prepare mentally for what will be asked in the exams. The more one solves these, the more confidence will be gained towards achievement of highest score. Also, it is important to understand that you need not wait for your syllabus to finish before you start solving these. As you go on finishing different sections, you can find the respective questions from the sample papers and solve them side by side.

By solving sample papers and previous year maths papers one gets a clear idea of time management and understand how much time is being taken to solve the complete paper. Often it happens that in the exams the children knows the solution of every question but due to lack of time they miss some portions. So it is imperative to practice before hand so that everything is attempted on time in main exams.

Below you will get the links to Maths Practice Papers and Worksheets of all classes