Percentage Worksheets for Class 5 Maths

Download free pdf of Percentage Worksheets for Class 5 Maths. Students can easily get all the Class 5 Maths Worksheets and Exercises in Free Printable ( PDF Format) as per the latest syllabus and examination pattern in CBSE and NCERT pattern. Below you will find all the Percentage related sums that are asked in 5th Grade Mathematics Exams Across Indian Schools.

Percentage Worksheets for Class 5 in PDF Format

Class 5 Percentage Practice Worksheet

Q.1 Convert each of the following simplest form percentages to fractions, giving your answers in their simplest form.

(a) 10%         (b) 25%        (c) 4%        
(d) 80%          (e) 75%        (f) 12%        
(g) 90%          (h) 35%        (i) 82%

Q.2 Convert the following decimals to percentages

(a) 0.5         (b) 0.74       (c) 0.35       
(d) 0.1          (e) 0.52        (f) 0.8      
(g) 0.04        (h) 0.18        (i) 0.4
(j) 0.08         (k) 0.07        (l) 0.3

Q.3 Convert the following fractions to percentages

(a) 12         (b) 710       (c) 115       
(d) 34          (e) 110        (f) 910      
(g) 45         (h) 450        (i) 825
(j) 720         (k) 725        (l) 23

Q.4 A house costs Rs 30 Lakhs. A buyer is given a 10% discount. How much money does the buyer save?

Q.5 John has invested Rs 5000 in a building society. He gets 5% interest each year. How much interest does he get in a year?

Q.6 Karen bought an antique vase for Rs 120. Two years later its value had increased by 25%. What was the new value of the vase?

Q.7 Ahmed wants to buy a new carpet for his house. The cost of the carpet is Rs 240. One day the carpet shop has a special offer of a 25% discount. How much money does he save by using this offer?

Percentage Worksheets for CBSE Class 5 in PDF