Prepositions Worksheet For CBSE Class 4

A preposition usually comes before a noun or a pronoun which is its object. A preposition shows the relationship between a noun or a pronoun with other words in a sentence.

Prepositions Worksheets For CBSE Class 4 in PDF Format

Preposition Practice Exercises for Class 4 English

A. Underline the pronoun in these sentences.

  1. Nagaland is a state _____ India.
  2. His spectacles were _______ the table.
  3. I saw them getting ______ the bus.
  4. I offered my seat ______ her.
  5. Underline the sentence ________ a pencil.
  6. Will you come to my house _______ Saturday?
  7. Johnny hid _________ the bed.
  8. How far is your home _________ the station?
  9. The little boy sat ___________ his mother.
  10. There is a park ________my house.

Answers :- in, on, into , to, with, on , under, from, beside, near

B. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions.

  1. The next FIFA World cup will be played _____ Qatar.
  2. Please leave your shoes _________ the temple.
  3. The final football match was played _________ Kolkata.
  4. We had planned to have the party _________ the lawn.
  5. The bad weather forced us to have party _________ the house.
  6. There is a high wall _________ the house.
  7. You will not be able to climb _________ it.
  8. My mother never leaves the house _________ her purse.
  9. Why do you complain _________ your friends all the time?
  10. The ground _________ our feet started shaking.
  11. The sun was hiding _________ the clouds.

Answers : in, outside, in, on, inside, around, over, without, about, beneath, behind

Fill in the blanks with the correct preposition of time given in the box.

  1. The sun rises early _________ the morning.
  2. Start studying _________ the exams.
  3. Deepak was leading _________ the final lap.
  4. My father worked in a bank _________ 2012.
  5. Our school reopens _________ April 16.
  6. Our school will reopen _________ the third week of the June.
  7. They moved to England _________ the war.
  8. There isn’t much traffic on the street _________ night.
  9. There isn’t much traffic on the streets _________ Sundays.
  10. They waited for the doctor _________ midnight.
  11. I am sure it will get cooler _________ the rains.
  12. My grandmother takes a nap _________ the afternoon.
  13. Let’s meet _________ four o’ clock.
  14. We will not leave _________ noon.
  15. She continued to work _________ the end of the month.

Answers : in, before, in, until, on, in, after, at, on, until, after, in, at, before, until

Prepositions Worksheets for CBSE Class 4 in PDF Format

Kinds of Prepositions

There are various kinds of prepositions:

  • simple prepositions
  • compound prepositions
  • complex or phrase prepositions

Simple Prepositions

Words like inonatbyfromaboutoverunderthroughtillupoffofforto, etc. are simple prepositions.

They came from Kolkata. There is some juice in the can. He fell off the chair.

Compound Prepositions

Compound prepositions are words formed by combining prepositions, nouns, adverbs, etc. Some examples of compound prepositions are intoacrosswithoutwithininsideoutsideontobeneathbelowbehindbetween, etc.

Put the bread into the bread bin.
At the movie hall, I sat between Kavya and Varun. She ran across the street to catch the bus.

Complex or Phrase Prepositions

Some prepositions are made up of a group of words that do the work of a single preposition. These are called complex or phrase prepositions. Some examples are in front ofbecause ofwith reference toin spite ofin addition toaccording toalong withaway fromby means ofin place of, etc.

There is a car in front of the house.
Rita succeeded because of her hard work.
In spite of the cold, the children played outside in the garden.

Prepositions of Place

Prepositions express several relations. Prepositions of place tell us ‘where’. Some prepositions of place are abovebelowunderoverbesidedownnearin front ofaround, etc.

The fruit hung above my head, but I could not reach it. There is a new car in front of the house.
The man walked down the road.

Atin and on are used as prepositions of place.

Someone is at the door.
I live in Mumbai.
The painting is on the wall