Adjective Exercises For CBSE Class 5

An adjective is used to describe a noun or a pronoun. It answers the questions whose, what kind, which one, how many or how much.

My brother is standing alone. (Whose brother?)
The big elephant trumpeted loudly. (What kind of elephant?) This car belongs to Mr Stephen. (Which car?)
Three birds sat on a branch. (How many birds?)
There was a lot of money in the bag. (How much money?)

Adjectives Exercises For CBSE Class 5 in PDF Format

Adjectives Practice Exercises for Class 5 English

Circle the suitable adjectives in the following sentences.

  • (My/This) brother saw a (strange/familiar) creature tha looked like a dinosaur.
  • The tamarind chutney was so (sweet/sour) that it gave me a sore throat.
  • The (proud/modest) athlete gave all the credit to his (few/two) coaches.
  • The flowers in the vase were (real/fat).
  • (Some/This) archaeologists have found the ruins of an (ancient/energetic) temple near Varanasi.
  • (My/Five) sister bought a (lonely/beautiful) hat with a (long/fat) (whiter/ white) feather on it.

Rewrite these sentences by replacing the words in red with suitable adjectives from the box. Make appropriate changes in the sentences if required.

dirty, witty, colourful, happy, interesting, uncomfortable, fearless
  1. Sonalika likes to read books that are able to capture her interest. ________________________________________________________________________________
  2. After the football match, Rohan’s shoes were covered with dirt. ________________________________________________________________________________
  3. After the rains, there appeared a rainbow full of colour in the sky. ________________________________________________________________________________
  4. When Varun saw his result, he was full of happiness. ________________________________________________________________________________
  5. Abhimanyu is a man without fear. ________________________________________________________________________________
  6. Saransh is intelligent and full of wit. ________________________________________________________________________________
  7. Farooq’s bus journey to Leh was without any comfort. ________________________________________________________________________________

Underline the possessive adjectives and circle the possessive pronouns.

  1. John is tall. His feet are big. These shoes are his.
  2. This letter isn’t mine. It is his letter.
  3. Our parents impart good values to us.
  4. Are those chocolates yours? My chocolates are in that box.
  5. My hair is brown. It is not black like yours.
Adjectives Exercises for CBSE Class 5 in PDF Format

Adjectives of Quality

Adjectives of quality tell us about the quality of something. They answer the question what kind.

There were white swans in the lake.
The Gwalior Fort in Madhya Pradesh is very beautiful.

Adjectives of Quantity and Number

Adjectives of quantity answer the question how much. They are usually used with uncountable nouns.

Give me some money.
I don’t have much work to do.

Adjectives of number answer the question how many. They are usually used with countable nouns.

There are seven marbles in the box

Demonstrative Adjectives

A Demonstrative adjective points out a specific person, animal, place or thing. It answers the question which one. The demonstrative adjectives in English are this, these, that and those.

This bike is not mine.
I don’t like those curtains.