Verbs Worksheets For CBSE Class 5

Verbs express action, being and possession. We cannot form a sentence without a verb. Sometimes we use more than one word to form the verb in a sentence.

  • Smita walks in the garden. (one word) Smita is walking in the garden. (two words)
  • Some verbs express actions. go sit run crawl scream
  • Different forms of the verb be tell us what a person or a thing is. is are am was were been being
  • Different forms of the verb have show possession or belonging. has have had
  • The verbs be, have and do can be used both as main verbs and as helping verbs. He is a handsome boy. (main verb)
    Ria is going to school. (helping verb)
    Sam has a pet dog. (main verb)
  • Sam has completed his work. (helping verb)
    I do my work very fast. (main verb)
    He does not go to bed before 9 p.m. (helping verb)

Verbs Worksheets For CBSE Class 5 in PDF Format

Verbs Practice Exercises for Class 5 English

Circle the subject in each sentence and Tick () the correct verb of the ones given in brackets.

  1. The people in my neighbourhood (is/are) very helpful.
  2. The plants in the garden (need/needs) to be watered.
  3. All students except Susan (plan/plans) to attend the school picnic.
  4. Simran (want/wants) to travel around Africa.
  5. This book by A.K. Ramanujan (has/have) good stories.
  6. Any student who is late to school (is/are) sent home.
  7. A few branches of the neem tree in my garden (has/have) broken in the storm.

State whether the verbs in red are transitive or intransitive.

  1. The bookseller sold some books to the boy. _____________________________
  2. The little boy cried when his toy broke. _____________________________
  3. The sun rose up in the sky. _____________________________
  4. I took a bus to my uncle’s house. _____________________________
  5. She understood the question the teacher had asked. _____________________________
  6. Yes, I don’t like people who tell lies. _____________________________
  7. I wrote a letter to my friend in England. _____________________________
  8. Sunita bought a new dictionary. _____________________________

A Complete each sentence choosing the correct verb from the strip.

were, has, have (2), do, does, are, was (2)
  1. There ______________a bathtub in the hotel room.
  2. Where __________________ you kept my cap?
  3. Where __________________ the keys to the house?
  4. How __________________ magicians perform their tricks?
  5. Where __________________Shilpa live?
  6. How many students __________________ paid the fees?
Verb Worksheets for CBSE Class 5 in PDF Format