Tenses Exercises For CBSE Class 5 with Answers

The word tense denotes the time and tense of a verb indicates the time of an event, or action taking place. Tenses are used to express different times. That the work or an action may have occurred in the past or may occur in present or future.
Three types of Tenses
: There are basically 3 types of tenses
Past tense
Present tense
Future tense.

Tense Exercises For Class 5 in PDF

Tense Exercises and Worksheets With Answers

(Simple present tense, present continuous tense, simple past tense, past continuous tense and simple future tense)

Exercise – 1

Put the verb in brackets into the present simple or the present continuous.

  1. She always _______________ (remember) my birthday.
  2. Mr Sharma _______________ (work) in a supermarket.
  3. I _______________ (work) in this factory until I find a better job.
  4. Look! It _______________ (snow).
  5. Can you hear those girls? What _______________ (they/talk) about?
  6. _______________ (you/know) Hemant?
  7. We _______________ (never/go) to work by tube. It is too busy.
  8. When I’m in Paris I _______________ (usually/stay) in the Hotel Ambassador, but this time I __________________ (stay) in the more expensive Hotel Maurya Sheraton.
  9. Ruth __________________ (be) a vegetarian. She __________________ (not/eat) meat or fish.
  10. My father __________________ (be) an engineer, but he __________________ (not/work) right now.
  11. __________________ (you/believe) in ghosts?
  12. My parents __________________ (live) in Delhi. Where ____________ (your parents/live)?
  13. We __________________ (own) two cars, an estate car and a sports car.
  14. Can you drive? No, but I __________________ (learn) at the moment.
  15. Look! That woman __________________ (try) to steal that man’s wallet.
  16. The River Nile __________________ (flow) into the Mediterranean.
  17. __________________ (you/like) Sonu Nigam?
  18. I __________________ (get) thirsty. Let’s get something to drink.
  19. Those flowers __________________ (smell) lovely. What are they?
  20. Jane _______________ (repair) her bike. She _____________ (know) exactly what to do.


  1. remembers
  2. works
  3. I am working
  4. is snowing
  5. are they talking
  6. Do you know
  7. never go
  8. usually stay ‘m staying
  9. is, doesn’t eat
  10. is, isn’t working
  11. Do you believe
  12. live , do your parents live
  13. own
  14. I am learning
  15. is trying
  16. flows
  17. Do you like
  18. I am getting
  19. smell
  20. is repairing, knows

Exercise – 2

Put the verb in the correct form: past simple or past continuous.

  1. I _____________ (dream) when the alarm clock _____________ (go off).
  2. They ________________ (wait) for me when I _____________ (arrive).
  3. The phone ________________ (ring) while I ________________ (have) a shower.
  4. We ________________ (not/go out) last Sunday because it ________________ (rain).
  5. I ________________ (see) Kiran at the party. She ________________ (wear) a new dress.
  6. I ________________ (break) a bowl this morning. When I ________________ (wash) the
    dishes it just ________________ (slip) out of my hand onto the floor!
  7. When he ________________ (carry) the table, he ________________ (feel) a sharp pain in
    his back.
  8. Sarah ________________ (go) down the stairs when the lights ________________ (go out).
  9. We ________________ (watch) TV when someone ________________ (come) to the door
    and ________________ (knock) very loudly.
  10. What ________________ (you/do) at this time yesterday? Oh, I ________________
    (prepare) the dinner.
  11. I ________________ (fall) asleep while I ________________ (watch) television.
  12. At 12:45 yesterday, Mr Sharma ________________ (see) a client in his office.


  1. was dreaming , went off
  2. were waiting, arrived
  3. rang, was having
  4. didn’t go, was raining
  5. saw , was wearing
  6. broke, was washing, slipped
  7. was carrying, felt
  8. was going , went out
  9. were watching, came, knocked
  10. were you doing, was preparing
  11. fell, was watching
  12. was seeing

Exercise – 3

Put the verb in the most suitable form, present perfect simple or continuous.

  1. You look tired. ___________________ (you/study) hard?
  2. Mr Brij is new here, isn’t he? How long ___________________ (he/work) for the
  3. I ___________________ (lose) my wallet. Have you seen it anywhere?
  4. I ___________________ (read) the magazine you lent me, but I ___________________
    (not/finish) yet.
  5. ___________________ (you/hear) the bad news? Singh ___________________ (break) his leg!
  6. How many articles ___________________ (you/write)?
  7. What ___________________ (you/do)? I ___________________ (wait) for you for an hour!
  8. Birju and his friends ___________________ (play) golf since this morning.
  9. I ___________________ (know) Louise for ten years.
  10. Mr Brij ___________________ (mark) the exams all morning, but he ___________________ (not/read) them all.


  1. Have you been studying
  2. has he been working
  3. I have lost
  4. I have been reading haven’t finished
  5. Have you heard ‘s broken.
  6. have you written
  7. have you been doing; I have been waiting
  8. have been playing
  9. I have known
  10. has been marking hasn’t read

Exercise – 4

Complete the sentences using the past perfect or the past perfect continuous.

  1. By the time I got home they _____________________ (eat) all the cake.
  2. The room was very smoky. I could tell that my brother _____________________ (smoke) in there all afternoon.
  3. She retired at fifty-five, but she _____________________ (work) hard all her life.
  4. James was very irritable. He _____________________ (look) for his contact lens for an hour and he still _____________________ (not / find) it!
  5. I was furious with Tom when he arrived. I _____________________ (wait) for him for hours.
  6. Harry was sad to sell his car. He _____________________ (have) it for a long time.
  7. Mary was covered in white paint. She _____________________ (decorate) the kitchen all afternoon.
  8. Lucy went into the sitting room. The TV was on. Her brother _____________________ (watch) it and _____________________ (forget) to switch it off.
  9. Harry felt terribly sick. She _____________________ (eat) too many cream cakes.
  10. The journey was incredibly long. We _____________________ (travel) for ten hours and we weren’t even half way yet.


  1. had eaten
  2. had been smoking
  3. had worked
  4. had been looking, hadn’t found
  5. had been waiting
  6. had had
  7. had been decorating
  8. had been watching , had forgotten
  9. had eaten
  10. had been travelling

Exercise – 5

Complete the sentences using the present perfect or past perfect.

  1. The park looked awful after the music festival. People _____________________ (leave) litter
  2. You _____________________ (make) a mistake. I am not the person you are looking for.
  3. When we arrived at the cinema, the film _____________________ (already/start).
  4. It isn’t raining now. It _____________________ (finally/stop).
  5. I am really not very hungry. I _____________________ (just/have) lunch.
  6. His apartment was really dirty. He obviously _____________________ (not/clean) it for weeks.
  7. At last the Board of Directors were ready to announce their decision. They
    _____________________ (make) up their mind.
  8. I am so exhausted. _____________________ (really/have) a tough week.
  9. The ball hit the back of the net before the goalkeeper _____________________ (notice).
  10. The CEO didn’t speak until he _____________________ (hear) all the arguments.


  1. had left
  2. have made
  3. had already started
  4. has finally stopped
  5. have just had
  6. had not cleaned
  7. had made
  8. have really had
  9. had noticed
  10. had heard

Exercise – 6

Fill in the blanks with the simple present tense form of the given verb in brackets.

1. Emily ______________ delicious cakes. (make)
2. Rohan _____________ at a supermarket. (work)
3. Indians _____________ homes on many festivals. (decorate)
4. My little daughter ______________ her dolls. (adore)

Answers : makes, works, decorates, adores

Exercise – 7

Rewrite the given sentences in their present continuous form .
1 The children take the sweets from the kitchen shelf.
2. Rahul receives an award on the children’s day.
3. I walk five miles to keep myself fit.
4. The monkey swings on the branch.

Answers :

Exercise – 8

Fill in the blanks with the simple past tense form of the given verb in brackets.
1. Mrs. Robert ______________the stray dogs often. (feed)
2. The cleaner _____________ the trash in the dustbin. (empty)
3. The tailor ______________ my pants by an inch. (lengthen)
4. She ________________her time in reading books. (spend)

Answers : feeds, emptied, lengthened, spent

Exercise – 9

Rewrite the given sentences in their Past Continuous form.
1. John waited for the train to arrive.
2.We watched the solar eclipse last week.
3. The director made the film last year.
4. We listened to the cricket commentary all evening.

Exercise – 10

Fill in the blanks with the simple future tense form of the given verb in brackets.
1. I _______________ a hospital to the poor when I grow up.(build)
2. The cook __________________ all the sandwiches in foil and pack them.(wrap)
3. We ____________________a good salary and some privileges. (demand)
4. The police ______________________the thief sooner or later. (catch)

Answers : will build, will wrap, will demand, will catch

Exercise – 11

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb given in the brackets as directed.

1. I___________________________(listen) to the news.(past continuous)
2. The train to Delhi__________________________(leave) from platform number three. (present continuous))
3. Rita _____________________(give) a dance performance this evening. (simple future )
4. We ______________________________(attend) her performance.(simple past)
5. I _________________(begin) to understand the present continuous tense. (simple past)

Answers : listened, leaves, will give, attended, began

Exercise – 12

Change the tense of the verbs given in the brackets as directed and rewrite the sentences.

1. He was distributing newspapers to the entire neighbourhood. (change to simple present)
2 . We will visit our cousins during holidays.(change to simple past)
3. I am going to the gym on Saturday. (change to simple future)
4. My teacher gives homework everyday. (change to present continuous)
5. I am typing a letter to my best friend. (change to past continuous)

Exercise – 13

Complete these sentences using the past perfect tense of the verbs
given in the brackets.

1. When we had _________(finish) our dinner, we went for a walk.
2. After they had _________(eat) some spicy food, they began to feel sick.
3. The plants were dying because it had ________ (not rain) at all.
4. She told me that she had _________(study) a lot before the exam.
5. When I arrived at the hall, the performance had _______(start).
6. Rajni had __________(live) in Indonesia before she settled down in the USA.
7. He had not ____________ (not use) email before, so she helped him.
8. When I reached school, the bell had ___________(ring).
9. By the time we arrived, the children had ___________(eat) the cake.

Answers : finished, eaten, not rained, studied, started, lived, used, rung, eaten

Tense Exercises for CBSE Class 5 in PDF Format