Articles Exercises for CBSE Class 7

The words aan and the are articles.There are two types of articles in English: the definite article (the) and the indefinite article (a/an). They belong to a larger grammatical class called determiners.

I want to buy a shirt.
Can I have an egg for breakfast? Please pass the salt.

As you can see, articles are used before nouns. An article points out which person or thing is being referred to. It also tells us whether that person or thing is being mentioned in a general or a specific sense.

Articles Exercises For CBSE Class 7 in PDF Format

Articles Exercise for CBSE Class 7

Articles Practice Exercises for Class 7 English

Fill in the blanks with suitable articles.

  1. My father is research scholar and works in ______________university.
  2. He has _______________lot of work in his office but he completes all his assignments in time.
  3. He is ________________honest man who would do anything to uphold his beliefs.
  4. His colleagues say that it is _______________honour to work with such a fine person.
  5. One day on his way home he was caught in heavy traffic for more than _____________________hour.
  6. We have shifted from ________________town where we lived for five years
  7. I have completed __________________academic year in my new school
  8. I miss ______________________park where we used to play a lot.
  9. We don’t see __________________one-rupee coin these days.
  10. Any period of twelve months is ________________year.

Read the dialogue. Fill in the blanks with suitable articles.

Amir: It’s (1)___________________ beautiful day. Let’s play (2)________________________ orange coloured ball.

Aleem: Ok. Come on, Amir, take (4) ________________________ ball. Look, I am throwing it.

Amir: Wait. Can’t you see (5)________________________ child? Let her get across.

Aleem: Why? She should walk fast. I am not waiting for (6)______________________ child.

Amir: She’s (7) _______________________ small child, Aleem. Remember we’re playing on (8) ____________________lane. If you throw (9)_______________________ ball now, it might hit her. Oh, no, Aleem, don’t.

Aleem: Why are you crying, child? (10) ______________________ball didn’t hit you. Stop crying. Go home. Luckily she is not hurt.

Amir: Are you all right, child? That won’t do, Aleem. What did you do? You threw (11)_______________________________ ball and frightened (12)__________________________ child. You should say sorry straightaway. That’s (13) __________________________ least you can do for your mistake.

Articles Exercises for Class 7 in PDF Format