Noun Worksheets for CBSE Class 5

A noun is the name of a person, place, animal, thing, idea or emotion. In short, it
is a naming word.
Common and Proper Nouns
Common nouns are the general names of people, places or things of the same kind. They do not refer to particular people, places or things. They usually begin with a small letter. Example : school train gardener toy box picture
Proper nouns are the names of particular people, places or things. They
always begin with a capital letter. Example : Rahim Mount Abu Thursday Pepsi

Noun Worksheets For CBSE Class 5 in PDF Format

Noun Practice Exercises for Class 5 English

Choose the correct noun to complete each sentence.

  1. A bale of _________________fell off the cart. (cotton/boxes)
  2. We saw a pride of __________________ resting near the pond. (crocodiles/lions)
  3. A gaggle of __________________ was swimming in the lake. (geese/fish)
  4. The child was lost in the crowd of _____________________outside the theatre.
  5. A troupe of _____________________was invited from Australia. (politicians/dancers)
  6. The captain could not find an able crew of _____________________ . (whales/sailors)
  7. Sharif bought a bouquet of ___________________ for his wife. (grapes/flowers)
  8. The carpenter carved a beautiful chest of _______________________. (drawers/desks)
  9. The boy plucked a bunch of _____________________from the vineyard.
  10. The explorer had a fleet of ten _____________________ . (ships/trains)
  11. Akhil recognized a few constellations of _____________________. (stars/meteors)
  12. A congregation of _____________________ assembled to pray. (devotees/customers)
  13. John ran up the flight of _____________________ . (stairs/planes)
  14. The suite of _____________________ booked for us was huge. (rooms/clothes)
  15. Suman bought a string of _____________________ for her mother. (bracelets/pearls)

Fill in the blanks with suitable collective nouns from the box.

class, suites, audience, clump , colony, army, bench, shoals, gang, sheaf
  1. The clerk tripped and dropped the whole ____________ of papers
  2. The little boy was frightened by a _____________ of ants.
  3. During our scuba-diving session, we saw _______________ of fish darting about.
  4. The colonel was very strict with his _______________________of soldiers.
  5. The police are looking for the notorious _____________________of robbers. .
  6. The deer hid behind a ___________________ of trees.
  7. The teacher greeted the ___________________________of pupils.
  8. This big building has several ___________________of offices.
  9. After the programme the dancers bowed to the __________________
Noun Worksheets for CBSE Class 5 in PDF