CBSE Class 1 English Grammar Worksheets

Download free pdf of CBSE Class 1 English Grammar Worksheets. Students and teachers of Class 1 English can get free printable Worksheets according to latest syllabus and examination pattern in your schools.

Class 1 English Grammar Practice Exercises

Circle the pronoun in each sentence.
1) I have piano practice at five o’clock.
2) Please ask them.
3) Are they home?
4) She ate a sandwich.
5) My grandpa loves cheese.
6) Place everything in the basket.
7) This is their apartment.
8) Please give it to me.
9) Did anyone see my mittens?
10) He walked home.

Read the following sentences and identify Action Words
The teacher writes on the blackboard.
The singer sings the song.
My neighbours live in Delhi.
Aman exercises regularly.
The child cries bitterly
The mothers are fighting a battle each day.
We will water the plants soon.
The birds were chirping.
He showed us the way to the hospital

Circle the noun or nouns in each sentence given below.

Example : We rented a cabin to stay the night
Answer : we, cabin, night

  1. My alarm went off loudly in the morning.
  2. I love the month of April because the flowers bloom.
  3. My body ached after I played three hours of basketball.
  4. We saw a deer run across the road!
  5. The forest had many beautiful trees and animals.
  6. We saluted the flag every morning in class.
  7. My parents went to vacation on an island.
  8. Next month will be my birthday.
  9. I opened my mail when I got home from school.
  10. The package at the door was heavy.
  11. My friends and I went swimming in the stream.
  12. We bought a turkey for Thanksgiving.
  13. The earth has always been round.
  14. I walked to the park with my friends.
  15. Do you know what we are doing next week?
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