Adjective Worksheets for Class 2 | Free PDF

An adjective is a word that describes a noun. Some adjectives tell “how many” and some adjectives tell “what kind”.

Adjective Worksheets For Class 2 in PDF Format

Adjective Practice Exercises for Class 2 English

Circle the adjective(s) in each sentence below. Underline the noun it describes.

  1. Grandpa packed a healthy snack.
  2. I just finished reading a good book.
  3. I splashed cold water on my face.
  4. We won the last game.
  5. The fuzzy yellow chicks were so cute.
  6. He wore his warm mittens in the snow.
  7. I picked yellow flowers for my Mom.
  8. She likes to sit with her two friends.
  9. We live in the house with the white shutters.
  10. My older sister helped me make dessert

Circle the adjective in each sentence. Underline the noun the adjective describes.

  1. Luke is having a big party for his brother Paul.
  2. He is making a chocolate cake.
  3. He is putting vanilla frosting on top.
  4. We are blowing up blue balloons.
  5. I am hanging red streamers.
  6. A funny clown will juggle at the party.
  7. We got Paul a tricky puzzle for a present.
  8. His parents got him new skates.

Circle the adjectives that tell how many. Then rewrite each sentence using a new amount.

  1. My birthday is in three weeks. _________________________
  2. I am inviting ten friends to my party. _________________________
  3. Mom is blowing up a few balloons. _________________________
  4. There will be nine candles on my cake. _________________________
  5. One candle is for good luck. _________________________
  6. There will be many sweet treats. _________________________

Find the adjective in each sentence. Write them on the lines.

  1. Mom hangs colourful lanterns around the yard.
    adjective _____________________
  2. The full moon is shining in the sky.
    adjective ______________________
  3. We place the food on the four tables.
    adjective __________________________
  4. Yummy smells fill the air.
    adjective __________________________________
  5. Three guests bring guitars.
    adjective ____________________________________
  6. They play some songs after we eat.
    adjective _________________________________________
  7. Grandma and Grandpa dance to their favourite tune.
    adjective _________________________________________
Adjective Worksheets for Class 2 in PDF Format