Noun Worksheets for CBSE Class 2

A noun is a ‘naming word’. A noun is the name of a person, place, or thing.
Some of the things named by nouns can be seen; some cannot. There are four types of Nouns named as Common Noun, Proper Noun, Collective Noun, Abstract Noun

Noun Worksheets For CBSE Class 2 in PDF Format

Noun Practice Exercises for Class 2 English

Read the sentences and identify the underlined words. Write C for common noun and P for proper noun.
a) Annie is a good girl. ___________________
b) I ate an egg for breakfast. _________________________
c) Mumbai is a big city. ________________________________
d) Will we go to the market on Tuesday? ____________________________
e) A dog is a faithful animal. _______________________________
f) Bhavya will cook the vegetables. _____________________________________
g) Mango is my favourite fruit. __________________________________________
h) I have seen the trains. _________________________________________________

Circle the common nouns and underline the proper nouns.
a) We play with Max in the park.
b) Shreya is my best friend.
c) Ms. Jennifer is my aunt.
d) The girls are studying in Queen Mary’s School.
e) It rains in the month of July.
f) Tell Arshi to bring her bag.
g) Kitty is my pet cat.
h) Mehar has a beautiful dress.
i) Nitya is going to the airport.
j) The students are going to Shimla.
k) My sister, Aanya is two years old.

Using Nouns in Sentences. Fill in each blank with a noun.

  1. The _______________________________________ has grown a foot since last year.
  2. The trip to ________________________ will take two ____________.
  3. My teacher, ________________, has redecorated her ________.
  4. Bob rode to school on a _______________________________.
  5. I gave my ________________ a ________________________ for her birthday.
  6. Many ____________________ are grown in our ____________________________.
  7. Tonight we are going to the _________________________.
  8. This homework assignment requires plenty of_________________________________.
  9. We’ll see ________________ at the _________________.
  10. I think the ___________________ will improve next ________________.
Noun Worksheets for Class 2 in PDF Format