CBSE Class 2 English Grammar Worksheets

Download free pdf of CBSE Class 2 English Grammar Worksheets. Students and teachers of Class 2 English can get free printable Worksheets according to latest syllabus and examination pattern in your schools.

Class 2 English Grammar Practice Exercises

Circle the common nouns and underline the proper nouns.
a) We play with Max in the park.
b) Shreya is my best friend.
c) Ms. Jennifer is my aunt.
d) The girls are studying in Queen Mary’s School.
e) It rains in the month of July.
f) Tell Arshi to bring her bag.
g) Kitty is my pet cat.
h) Mehar has a beautiful dress.
i) Nitya is going to the airport.
j) The students are going to Shimla.
k) My sister, Aanya is two years old.

Put the verb to be in the correct form so that it agrees with the subject of the sentence:

  1. _________________ tired.
  2. “You _________________ wrong!” he shouted.
  3. She _________________ beautiful.
  4. We __ happy.
  5. “You _________________ doing really well,” the teacher told the class.
  6. They _________________ friendly.
  7. John _________________ naughty.
  8. Susan _________________ hard-working.
  9. The class _________________ well-behaved.
  10. _________________ clear on how to use the verb to be!

Fill in the blanks below with the correct prepositions of time.

  1. My brother has a new job. He works _______________ the evening.
  2. We’re going to have a picnic _______ Saturday afternoon. Would you like to come?
  3. I’ll be finished my work _______________ an hour. Then, I can go home.
  4. When is the meeting? Is it _______________ 2:00?
  5. I like to get up really early, _______________ sunrise, when the birds start to sing.
  6. Tom’s birthday is next week, _______________ January 14.
  7. My grandfather was born _______________ the 1950s.
  8. Will we be _______________ time, or will we miss our flight?
  9. My family and I like to ski _______________ winter.
  10. Are there any holidays _______________ October?
  11. Our school cafeteria opens for lunch _______________ noon.
  12. What time does your son go to bed _______________ night?
  13. We moved to this city _______________ 2012.
  14. Are you going to do anything special _______________ your birthday?
  15. I’m not going to watch that TV show. It starts _______________ midnight!
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