Articles Worksheet for CBSE Class 2

 Aan, and the are called articles.  An article is a name given to a word that is used to identify the noun or noun phrase that comes after it. There are two kinds of article: definite and indefinite articles. Definite articles refer to a specific noun using ‘the’, while indefinite articles are used when a noun in not specific.

Articles Worksheets For CBSE Class 2 in PDF Format

Articles Practice Worksheet for Class 2

Write THE, A, AN or —– (no article), in the blanks

  1. ___________________ boys like playing with cars.
  2. _________________ Amazon is South America’s largest river.
  3. I never listen to ________radio. In fact, I haven’t even got __________radio.
  4. What _______________ amazing idea he had yesterday evening.
  5. _______________rich should do more to help ______________ poor.
  6. My dad always liked to go to _______________ school.
  7. Did you see the film on ______________ television or at ________cinema?
  8. There’s half ______________ litre of milk left in ______________ fridge.
  9. _________Uncle Norman and _______Aunt Lydia stayed with us over the weekend.
  10. Dad told us to go to ______________bed at ten.
  11. What’s ______________highest mountain on ______________ earth?
  12. I met ______________few American tourists when I was in Italy.
  13. ______________earth moves around ______________ sun every 365 days.
  14. I had to ______________stay in hospital for two weeks in order to recover.
  15. ______________oranges and apples have a lot of vitamins.
  16. This is ______________most wonderful present I’ve ever had.
  17. I’m not very hungry. I had ______________ big breakfast
  18. She is such __________clever girl. She’s bound to go to _________university later on.
  19. It was ______________long journey. We were at ______________sea for two months.
  20. ____________women are often said to be better teachers than ______________ men.

Fill in the Blanks with appropriate indefinite Article ‘a’ or ‘an’

  1. ……….old man wanted to see you in the morning.
  2. John built …yard for his cattle.
  3. She ate only …… orange for her breakfast.
  4. My grandmother told me…… story.
  5. Mr. Nautiyal bought ……. new car.
  6. My son is…….M.A from Agra University.
  7. Rohan is …….. intelligent son of……..poor farmer.
  8. Neha lodged …….. F.I.R. against the cheat.
  9. Pass me …….. slice of bread.
  10. Rita has gone on …….. month’s vacation.
  11. Narayanpur is …….. small village.
  12. Visitors can meet the patient only twice……
  13. There was …….elephant in the field.
  14. Ravi made ……… error of judgement.
  15. He was late by ….. hour for the meeting.
  16. Suresh has ……. interest in acting.
  17. Sita’s brother is …… in ………reputed company.
  18. There is ………eucalyptus tree near my house.
  19. She is …. honorary secretary of the club.
  20. We met …… European girl in Rishikesh.
Articles Worksheets for Class 2 in PDF