CBSE Class 5 English Grammar Worksheets

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Class 5 English Grammar Practice Exercises

Complete these sentences using the past perfect tense of the verbs
given in the brackets.

1. When we had finished (finish) our dinner, we went for a walk.
2. After they had eaten (eat) some spicy food, they began to feel sick.
3. The plants were dying because it had not rained (not rain) at all.
4. She told me that she had studied (study) a lot before the exam.
5. When I arrived at the hall, the performance had started (start).
6. Rajni had lived (live) in Indonesia before she settled down in the USA.
7. He had not used (not use) email before, so she helped him.
8. When I reached school, the bell had rung (ring).
9. By the time we arrived, the children had eaten (eat) the cake.

Circle the subject in each sentence and Tick () the correct verb of the ones given in brackets.

  1. The people in my neighbourhood (is/are) very helpful.
  2. The plants in the garden (need/needs) to be watered.
  3. All students except Susan (plan/plans) to attend the school picnic.
  4. Simran (want/wants) to travel around Africa.
  5. This book by A.K. Ramanujan (has/have) good stories.
  6. Any student who is late to school (is/are) sent home.
  7. A few branches of the neem tree in my garden (has/have) broken in the storm.

Rewrite these sentences by replacing the words in red with suitable adjectives from the box. Make appropriate changes in the sentences if required.

dirty, witty, colourful, happy, interesting, uncomfortable, fearless
  1. Sonalika likes to read books that are able to capture her interest. ________________________________________________________________________________
  2. After the football match, Rohan’s shoes were covered with dirt. ________________________________________________________________________________
  3. After the rains, there appeared a rainbow full of colour in the sky. ________________________________________________________________________________
  4. When Varun saw his result, he was full of happiness. ________________________________________________________________________________
  5. Abhimanyu is a man without fear. ________________________________________________________________________________
  6. Saransh is intelligent and full of wit. ________________________________________________________________________________
  7. Farooq’s bus journey to Leh was without any comfort. ________________________________________________________________________________
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