Conjunctions Exercises for Class 8 with Answers

conjunction is a word that connects groups of words, phrases, clauses, and sentences. The conjunction is also named or called a connector, joiner, or sentence linker. These conjunctions are: as well as, and, not only, whereas, nevertheless, but also, else, both, yet, either, however, moreover, although/though, while, or, neither, nor, so, because, when, if, so that, whether, alternatively, as though, still

Conjunctions Exercises For CBSE Class 8 in PDF Format

Conjunctions Practice Exercises for Class 8

Fill in the blank (The most common conjunctions are: and, but, or)

Instructions: Fill in the blanks in the sentences below using one of the three common conjunctions: and, but, or

  1. The school marching band practiced hard ______they still did not sound very good.
  2. The two brothers went camping________swimming every summer.
  3. Would you like to play cards_________read a book?
  4. The race car rounded the track for the last lap___________ran out of gas before it made it to the finish line
  5. Our mother said we could have either pancakes_________waffles for breakfast on Saturday morning.
  6. The book was over 300 pages long________I read the whole thing.
  7. Maria is not allowed to watch television____________play outside until her homework is done.
  8. Sarah wants to learn how to knit___________she doesn’t have any yarn.
  9. The policeman catches criminals ___________ keeps everyone safe.
  10. Would you rather have a banana _________ an orange in your lunch today?


  1. but
  2. and
  3. or
  4. but
  5. or
  6. but
  7. or
  8. but
  9. and
  10. or

In the following sentences point out the conjunctions and state their
kind – single, compound or correlative.

  1. Although Aasifa was well versed in Urdu, she wrote very little. ________________________________________________________________
  1. The man asked him to wait till he completed his work. ________________________________________________________________
  1. No sooner had I begun writing the last answer than the bell rang. ________________________________________________________________
  1. As long as Shahdab lived in the city, his friends suffered no problem. ________________________________________________________________
  1. After Samadrita’s father passed away, her mother felt very lonely. ________________________________________________________________
  1. In order to keep the family under control, the father maintained a strict
    code of conduct. ________________________________________________________________
  1. The dress that we got for Adrija was both pretty and comfortable. ________________________________________________________________
  1. I am lending you my book provided that you take care of it while reading. ________________________________________________________________
  1. I freaked out because I was in a bad mood. ________________________________________________________________
  1. Niti was not only a good painter but also a great dancer. ________________________________________________________________
Conjunction Exercises for CBSE Class 8 in PDF