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Download free printable worksheets for CBSE Class 6 English Grammar with practice exercises on verbs, adjectives, noun, pronouns, adverbs, tenses, prepositions. Students needs to practice the NCERT Class 6 English Grammar worksheets, Question papers, Test Papers, Question banks, workbooks and exercises with solutions which will help them in revision of important concepts Class 6 English Grammar. These Worksheets for Grade 6 English Grammar, class assignments and practice tests have been prepared as per syllabus issued by CBSE and topics given in NCERT book

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Click to access Kendriya Vidyalaya Class 6 English Grammar Worksheets and test papers. Students can download free printable worksheets for practice, topic wise questions for all chapters. Free PDF download of Standard 6 English Worksheets with answers will help in scoring more marks in your class tests and school examinations.

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Class 6 English Worksheet for Grammar – Exercise 1 with Answers

Q.1 Underline the correct pronoun.

  1. Ann writes as well as (him, he).
  2. Tom is several inches taller than (I, me).
  3. We retain more students than (they, them).
  4. Jack has a larger car than (I, me).
  5. The dress fits you better than (she, her).
  6. We are not at home as much as (they, them).
  7. Dad has more patience than (her, she).
  8. The younger child is not as talented as (him, her).
  9. Bobby thinks his parents like the baby more than (he, him).
  10. Although Charles has only lived here for a short time, he already has made more friends that (me, I).
  11. Susan and John can’t sing as well as (us, we).
  12. Dr. Jones has a larger practice than (I, me).

Answers : 1. I 2. They 3. He 4. I 5. Her 6. They 7. she 8. He 9. Him 10. I 11. We 12. I

Class 6 English Worksheet for Grammar – Exercise 2 with Answers

Q.2 Fill in the blanks with a suitable pronoun.

  1. Tom and I are going to the circus. ________ are meeting at three o’clock.
  2. The baby is crying loudly. ________ looks hungry.
  3. You feet are very dirty. ________ must wash them.
  4. Peacock is a beautiful bird. ________ has colorful feathers.
  5. I have two kitten ________ have a puppy too.

Answer Key

Select the correct pronoun that goes with the verb in each sentence.

  1. They are having trouble getting back to the library.
  2. What time was she planning on leaving?
  3. Six of us went to the store with Andy.
  4. Every Thursday, Jim goes for swimming with them.
  5. Sara wanted to watch movie with them.

Class 6 English Worksheet for Grammar – Exercise 3 with Answers

Q.3 Underline the adjectives in each sentence below.

Example : The beautiful neighbourhood gleamed with sunlight in the morning.
Answer : beautiful

  1. John went to the busy store to pick up red apples.
  2. The tall man at the counter felt that John was a very kind gentleman.
  3. The hot sun rose in the morning and set in the misty evening.
  4. Many of earth’s greatest wonders have been labeled as historical monuments.
  5. Often, there are many animals which are placed on the endangered species list
    because they are hunted.
  6. That tall man walked in the store yesterday and ordered some green tea.
  7. One of the largest buildings in the world is located on that tiny mountain that
    overlooks the sea.
  8. John happily opened the front door when he heard his friend knocking.
  9. May was cooking a big feast for her family during the afternoon.
  10. Michael went to school so he could pass the very difficult test.
  11. That building is a huge skyscraper.
  12. Many of those red flowers bloom in spring and die in the winter.
  13. Often times, students are happy when lunch time begins.

Answer Key:

  1. busy, red
  2. tall, kind
  3. hot, misty
  4. greatest, historical
  5. many, endangered
  6. tall, green
  7. one, largest, tiny
  8. front
  9. big
  10. difficult
  11. huge
  12. red
  13. happy

Class 6 English Worksheet for Grammar – Exercise 4 with Answers

Q.4 Choose the correct Adjective from brackets.

  1. We wanted ______________________ (grey / a / metal) table.
  2. They bought ______________________ (red / a / new) car.
  3. She went home and sat on ______________________ (comfortable / her /
    wooden / old) bed.
  4. He bought ______________________ (woollen / a / British / fabulous) suit.
  5. They have ______________________ (Dutch / black) bicycles.
  6. He wants ______________________ (some / French / delicious / really)
  7. ______________________ (young / a / pretty) girl walked into the room.
  8. He has ______________________ (a lot of / old / interesting) books.
  9. She bought ______________________ (plastic / red / a / new) plastic
  10. He is looking for ______________________ (leather / stylish / a /black) bag.
  11. She dropped ______________________ (old / beautiful / the) plate and it
  12. I want ______________________ (silk / green / an / amazing) dress.
  13. She drank ______________________ (Italian / black / hot) coffee.
  14. He saw ______________________ (French / writing / old / an) desk.
  15. They stayed in ______________________ (little / a / cute) cottage.
  16. I visited ______________________ (ancient / a / spooky / German) castle.
  17. He has ______________________ (silver / old / beautiful / a) ring.
  18. We ate ______________________ (green / English / round / some) apples.
  19. I need ______________________ (computer / comfortable / a) desk.
  20. They went on holiday to ______________________ (small / wooden / a /
    beautiful) cabin.

Answer Key

  1. We wanted a grey metal table.
  2. They bought a new red car.
  3. She went home and sat on her comfortable old wooden bed.
  4. He bought a fabulous British woollen suit.
  5. They have black Dutch bicycles.
  6. He wants some really delicious French cheese.
  7. A pretty young girl walked into the room.
  8. He has a lot of interesting old books.
  9. She bought a new red plastic lunchbox.
  10. He is looking for a stylish black leather bag.
  11. She dropped the beautiful old plate and it smashed.
  12. I want an amazing green silk dress.
  13. She drank hot black Italian coffee.
  14. He saw an old French writing desk.
  15. They stayed in a cute little cottage.
  16. I visited a spooky ancient German castle.
  17. He has a beautiful old silver ring.
  18. We ate some round green English apples.
  19. I need a comfortable computer desk.
  20. They went on holiday to a beautiful small wooden cabin.

Class 6 English Worksheet for Grammar – Exercise 5 with Answers

Q5. Tick if the articles in the following sentences are correct. If not, insert the correct article.

  1. She has always been a honest person.
  2. I ate an apple before breakfast today morning.
  3. I want to visit a Jinnah supermarket which is located in Islamabad.
  4. He felt sorry for a dogs that had no food to eat.
  5. They want to see a comedy film that has good reviews.
  6. France won a football world cup in a year 2020.
  7. I wish there was the better way to do this.
  8. I wish I had an right answer to your question.
  9. He had to listen to a earful for disobeying his mother.
  10. She was blessed with a pair of ears so sensitive that she could hear sounds we couldn’t.

Answers :

  1. an
  2. Correct
  3. the
  4. the
  5. Correct
  6. the, the
  7. a
  8. the
  9. an
  10. Correct

Class 6 English Worksheet for Grammar – Exercise 6 with Answers

Q.6 Fill in the blanks with the simple present form of the verbs given in the brackets.

  1. He (smoke) too much, which is why he has breathing problems.
  2. Do you think she (speak) Sindhi as fluently as us?
  3. He (go) for daily walks in the morning.
  4. It is very likely that once she (realise) her full potential she will do very well.
  5. Let’s go out to (pick) up some food once your friend (reach)
    our place.
  6. She (work) as an editor at a publishing house.
  7. My dog (eat) all kinds of meat and veggies as well.
  8. She (match) almost all the necessary criteria needed for the job.
  9. It (rain) almost every weekend in these villages.
  10. As soon as he (pass) out of college, he will look for a job.


  1. smokes
  2. speaks
  3. goes
  4. realises
  5. pick, reaches
  6. works
  7. eats
  8. matches
  9. rains
  10. passes

Class 6 English Worksheet for Grammar – Exercise 7 with Answers

Q.7 Identify the prepositions in the following sentences.

  1. Kim is going to the station.
  2. His shop is in the new block.
  3. She is fond of cats.
  4. Who are you going with?
  5. What are you looking for?
  6. The cat is sitting under the table.
  7. He bought her a nice jacket from the new shop.
  8. Matt’s house is just across the street.
  9. He buried the treasure chest beneath the ground.
  10. Sam is the brightest among all the students.


  1. to
  2. in
  3. of
  4. with
  5. for
  6. under
  7. from
  8. across
  9. beneath
  10. amon
Grammar Worksheets for CBSE Class 6 English provides large number of CBSE Class 6 English Grammar Worksheets and Test Papers in Printable format for free. Every School those come under the affiliation of Central Board of Schools Education ( CBSE) have one thing in common , and that is they follow the NCERT curriculum and books. The National Council of Education Research and Training ( NCERT ) always focus on designing the curriculum in a planned manner so that students would remain engaged with learning and get acquainted with a variety of important topics.

How to Prepare for Class 6 English Grammar Examinations by Practicing Worksheets for Class 6 English Grammar

After students go through the NCERT / reference book prescribed by the school for completion of studying Class 6 English , it is mandatory that they should refer printable worksheets for further preparation and revision. Below you will find few guiding steps provided by CBSE core committee, which any student can easily follow in order to improve their academic performance.

Create a Suitable Time Table for Study

The first important step that needs to be taken is to chart out an easy schedule for studying English Grammar. Parents can also help children in preparing such schedule. Main aspect that needs to be kept in mind while preparing is to divide all syllabus for Class 6 English Grammar on the basis of their mark distribution, along with the allotment of maximum time to the most important topics. This will help students in understanding their requirement of worksheets.

Fetch Compilation of Worksheets for Class 6 English Grammar

In today’s era when everybody is glued to internet, one can find immense worksheets availability on the internet which can sometimes easily create confusion in student’s minds. An ideal worksheet are ones that contain and covers all types of questions related to each topic of Class 6 English Grammar. Here at, we have Worksheets of various schools and coaching institutes that are uploaded by users themselves and being spot on they help students to do focussed preparation.

Complete Revision of Entire syllabus prior to Solving Worksheets

A student must revise the entire syllabus for class 6 English before solving worksheets in order to get the best performance out of themselves. Worksheets help students in evaluating every aspects of English Grammar including short questions, long questions, multiple-choice questions as well as value-based questions.

Begin Practicing Topics/ Chapters with Maximum Marks Weightage

As per the exam pattern provided by the CBSE and NCERT regularities along with Sample Papers for Class 6 English provided, all topics and chapters are distributed on the basis of marks weight-age. So all students must start solving those Worksheets for Class 6 English Grammar first.

Evaluate your performance on the basis of time

Worksheets contain all types of questions and all these questions take different times for solving. Evaluation on the basis of time helps students to get better performance out of themselves.

The above NCERT CBSE and KVS worksheets for Class 6 English Grammar will immensely assist all the students to to improve marks by clearing English Grammar concepts and also improve problem solving skills. These CBSE NCERT Class 6 English Grammar workbooks , test papers, sample questions, and important question banks are from various Schools uploaded by users for benefit of Class 6  students.

Advantages Of CBSE NCERT Class 6 English Grammar Worksheets

a) These kind of English Grammar Worksheets will help the students to clear concepts and get more score in examinations.

b) These printable worksheets for English Grammar Class 6  will help to improve problem solving and analytical skills.

c) Daily Practice Sheets will help to develop a regular schedule of studies

d) All the students will be able to revise every English Grammar topics properly and save time during exams.

Printable free Worksheets of CBSE Class 6 English Grammar are shared by registered users at We offer the most exclusive database free worksheets as per CBSE NCERT and KVS standards. All worksheets have been carefully compiled for all level of students, you can also download in PDF CBSE Class 6 English Grammar Chapter wise question bank and use them for further studies.