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What is Notice ?

A notice is a very short piece of writing which is usually formal in style. It is used by individuals and organisations to announce events and celebrations, birth and death, occasions like sales and inaugurations, etc.

Points to Remember while Writing Notice

  • A heading by the name NOTICE should be given
  • The name of the organisation, institution or office should be given.
  • A suitable description, caption or heading should be given.
  • Purpose of writing a notice
  • Details of schedule of an event
  • Signature, name and designation of the person issuing the notice
  • Style and tone can be formal or semiformal
  • Use capital letters for details such as names of organizations, captions, etc.
  • Word limit is about 50 words
  • The notice has to be put in a box

Format of the Notice

  • Name of the organisation/ institution on top right corner
  • Notice to be written in center below name of organisation
  • Date and time below notice on left hand side
  • Body of the notice in the middle below date & time
  • Name and designation of the writer in bottom left corner

Sample Notice ( Example ) : LOST AND FOUND

You have lost your pencil box, last you had taken it to the school canteen. Write a notice in about 50 words giving details of the box and treat for the person who finds it.

XYZ School, Goa

13th August 20xx


A blue and red metallic pencil box was lost in the school canteen. It contained two pencils and two blue racer pens. Finder is requested to contact the undersigned. A treat is promised to the finder.

Karan Verma
Class IX-A