Nouns Worksheets For CBSE Class 4

A noun is the name of a person , place , animal or things. Proper nouns are words that name a particular person, place, animal or thing. Proper nouns begin with capital letters. For eg Ramesh Common nouns are general names for people, animals, places and things. For eg: book, home.

In this post you will find many exercises and worksheets on Nouns – Common, Proper, Collective Class 4 English Grammar Worksheet with Answers. These Worksheet consists of rules of Nouns – Common, Proper, Collective. You can download this Nouns – Common, Proper, Collective Worksheet in PDF from here.

Nouns Worksheets For CBSE Class 4 with answers

Noun Worksheet for Class 4 | Collective nouns

Q.1 Choose the correct collective nouns to complete the sentences.

  1. The teacher asked the (choir/gang) to prepare a song for the annual day.
  2. The album is kept near that (pile/host) of books.
  3. The Aegean is a (group/galaxy) of islands in the Aegean Sea.
  4. The castle was next to a (stack/clump) of trees.
  5. The police finally caught the (gang/mob) of thieves who had been on the run for some time.
  6. A (crew/panel) of experts will decide if the building is safe or not.


  1. choir
  2. pile
  3. group
  4. clump
  5. gang
  6. panel

Noun Worksheet for Class 4 | Common noun and Proper Noun

Q.2 Identify the common nouns and proper nouns.

  1. Mr.Verma is a doctor in this hospital.
    : Common nouns – doctor , hospital
    Proper nouns – Verma
  2. We always travel by the Air India.
    : Common nouns – None
    Proper nouns – Air India
  3. Vidhi wants to be an actress when she grows up.
    : Common nouns – actress
    Proper nouns – Vidhi
  4. October is the month after September.
    :Common nouns – month
    Proper nouns – October, September
  5. The Red Fort is a monument.
    :Common nouns – monument
    Proper nouns – Red Fort
  6. We will go to Delhi by the Rajdhani Express.
    :Common nouns –
    Proper nouns – Delhi , Rajdhani Express
  7. Sachin Tendulkar is a cricketer.
    :Common nouns – cricketer
    Proper nouns – Sachin Tendulkar
  8. Jyoti gave the book “Oliver Twist” to her classmate.
    :Common nouns – book , classmate
    Proper nouns – Jyoti , Oliver Twist
  9. Rajiv and Somnath are friends.
    :Common nouns – friends
    Proper nouns – Rajiv , Somnath
  10. Arun will visit Kolkata in October.
    : Common nouns – None
    Proper nouns – Arun , Kolkata , October

Noun Worksheet for Class 4 | Abstract Noun

Q.3 Underline the abstract nouns in the following sentences.

  1. Honesty is a great quality.
  2. My mother gave me some necessary advice.
  3. My grandfather always believed in truth.
  4. His bravery won him many awards.
  5. I have experience of travelling to distant places.
  6. You should read good books to gain knowledge.
  7. It was a pleasure meeting you.
  8. She could hardly speak because of fear.
  9. Rajiv shared some sweet memories of his childhood with me.
  10. Everyone knows about her kindness towards dogs.

Answers :

  1. Honesty
  2. advice
  3. truth
  4. bravery
  5. experience
  6. knowledge
  7. pleasure
  8. fear
  9. childhood
  10. kindness

Noun Worksheet for Class 4 | Countable and Uncountable Noun

Q.4 State whether the underlined nouns are countable (C) or uncountable (U).

  1. The children are playing in the park. …………….
  2. The bottle is in the cupboard. …………….
  3. I am drinking milk. …………….
  4. I put too much oil in the dish. …………….
  5. Could you give me some glue, please?…………….
  6. Please pour some water in my glass. …………….
  7. The window is made of glass. …………….
  8. His shoes were old and worn out. …………….
  9. I want to adopt all the stray dogs! …………….
  10. The sandwich has a lot of cheese in it. …………….


  1. C – Countable
  2. C – Countable
  3. U – Uncountable
  4. U – Uncountable
  5. U – Uncountable
  6. C – Countable
  7. U – Uncountable
  8. C – Countable
  9. C – Countable
  10. U – Uncountable

Additional Noun Exercises with Solutions

Exercise 1: Identify Nouns

Question 1: Identify the nouns in the following sentences:

a) The sun shines brightly in the sky.
b) The cat chased the mouse.
c) She read an interesting book.
d) The children play in the park.
e) The mountain is covered with snow.

a) sun, sky
b) cat, mouse
c) book
d) children, park
e) mountain, snow

Exercise 2: Common and Proper Nouns

Question 2: Identify the common nouns and proper nouns:

a) The dog barked loudly.
b) Alice visited Paris during her vacation.
c) The river flows gently.
d) My favorite color is blue.
e) The Eiffel Tower is a famous landmark.

a) dog
b) vacation, Paris, Alice
c) river
d) color
e) landmark, Eiffel Tower

Exercise 3: Plural Nouns

Question 3: Write the plural form of the following nouns:

a) cat
b) box
c) leaf
d) baby
e) city

a) cats
b) boxes
c) leaves
d) babies
e) cities

Exercise 4: Possessive Nouns

Question 4: Turn the following nouns into possessive nouns:

a) child
b) dog
c) book
d) teacher
e) girl

a) child’s
b) dog’s
c) book’s
d) teacher’s
e) girl’s

Exercise 5: Nouns in Sentences

Question 5: Complete the sentences with appropriate nouns:

a) The ___________ is flying in the sky.
b) She loves playing with her _____________.
c) The ____________ sings beautiful songs.
d) We visited the ________________ last weekend.
e) The __________________ helped us fix the car.

a) bird
b) toys
c) bird
d) beach
e) mechanic

Nouns Practice Exercises for Class 4 English

Complete the collective nouns.

  1. a ___________ of puppies
  2. a ___________ of books
  3. a ___________ of geese
  4. a ___________ of bees
  5. a ___________ of lions

Underline the proper nouns in the following sentences and rewrite them using
capital letters.

  1. new delhi is the capital of india. ______________________________________________
  1. the ganga is sacred to the hindus. ______________________________________________
  1. mecca is in saudiarabia. ______________________________________________
  1. we play chess every saturday. ______________________________________________
  1. arun lives in kolkatta. ______________________________________________

Rewrite the following sentences using nouns : possession.

  1. The purse of my mother has lost. ______________________________________________
  1. The return gifts of children are very nice. ________________________________________
  1. The car of Mr Das is red in colour. ______________________________________________
  1. The gate of house has closed today. ______________________________________________

Read each sentence and circle the nouns. Write C over each noun that is a
common noun. Write P over each noun that is a proper noun.

  1. The house is brown and white.
  2. Mrs. LaRusso is my teacher.
  3. My cousin is moving to New York City.
  4. Does Ellie want to go to the carnival?
  5. Uncle Pete is volunteering for the Peace Corps.
  6. Dr. Grady was kind and helpful.
  7. The dog and cat waited patiently for dinner.
  8. Derek knows how to play the trumpet and the trombone.
  9. The Big Apple Circus was fi rst performed in Kent, England.
  10. Many actors auditioned for the lead role in the play

Read each sentence. Circle the noun that uses correct capitalization.
Then identify the noun as common or proper on the line provided.

  1. The car skidded off Berry (road / Road) and rolled into the grass field.___________
  2. I was born at (noon / Noon) on a Sunday in the state of Wisconsin._____________
  3. Do you know what my (mother / Mother) does for a living?________________
  4. Mr. Davidson knows all about the American (revolution / Revolution).____________
  5. Can we go to the Chinese (restaurant / Restaurant) that just opened in town?
  6. Independence (day / Day) is my favourite holiday of the year!_____________________
  7. Did you read this article called, “Being a Good (friend / Friend)”?__________________
  8. Mr. and Mrs. Schloss have to buy some items at the (market / Market).__________

Fill in the blanks with the abstract nouns .

  1. There was a great disappointment when the team lost the match.
  2. She knows the importance of stamps.
  3. Many tourists visit India to experience its beauty.
  4. My eyes filled with tears to see the destruction caused by the avalanche.
  5. She is loved by one and all because of her politeness.
  6. We understood the importance of peace after we saw some photographs of war.
  7. He was overjoyed. You could see the happiness on his face.
  8. Animals love their freedom. They don’t liked to be caged.
  9. He is not liked by most people because of his wickedness.
  10. Everyone was filled with admiration for the debating skill of the
    boy in the wheelchair.
Noun Worksheets for CBSE Class 4 in PDF Format