Prepositions Exercises For CBSE Class 7

A preposition usually comes before a noun or a pronoun which is its object. The preposition tells us the relation of its object to other words in the sentence. Sometimes the preposition comes at the end of the sentence when the object is a relative pronoun or an interrogative pronoun.

Prepositions Exercises For CBSE Class 7 in PDF Format

Preposition Practice Exercises for Class 7 English

Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions.

  • Rahim, the head boy__________________the school is a good tennis player.
  • He wins most _____________________the time during matches.
  • His ambition is to play ____________________ his country one day.
  • He wears spotless white shorts _________________________ the matches.
  • Rahim and Salim play together ________________________ the doubles.
  • It is delightful to watch the pair playing ______________________ the court.
  • Both are equally good _______________________ the game.
  • A new pair of shorts has to be bought ______________________Salim.
  • The boys, _______________________________their teacher, stay in the hostel.
  • This tennis racquet seems a bit heavy _______________me, though.
  • This kind of jeans is the latest rage_______________________ youngsters.

Fill in the blanks with simple, compound or complex prepositions from the below.

in addition to, on behalf of, along with, along, in front of, under, outside, without
  1. The man walked ______________ the road.
  2. Put the garbage in the can ______________ the door.
  3. He bought a small bottle of ink ______________ the two big ones.
  4. The school captain welcomed the guests ______________ the principal, staff and students of the school.
  5. Everyday English Grammar 7.indd
  6. Payal participated in the nature walk ______________ all her classmates.
  7. The children had their picnic ______________ the old tree in the park.
  8. It is raining. Do not step out ______________ an umbrella.
  9. Children today spend a lot of their time ______________ the television.
Preposition Exercises for Class 7 English in PDF format

    Kinds of Prepositions

    There are various kinds of prepositions:

    • simple prepositions
    • compound prepositions
    • complex or phrase prepositions

    Simple Prepositions

    Words like in, on, at, by, from, about, over, under, through, till, up, off, of, for, to, etc. are simple prepositions.

    They came from Kolkata. There is some juice in the can. He fell off the chair.

    Compound Prepositions

    Compound prepositions are words formed by combining prepositions, nouns, adverbs, etc. Some examples of compound prepositions are into, across, without, within, inside, outside, onto, beneath, below, behind, between, etc.

    Put the bread into the bread bin.
    At the movie hall, I sat between Kavya and Varun. She ran across the street to catch the bus.

    Complex or Phrase Prepositions

    Some prepositions are made up of a group of words that do the work of a single preposition. These are called complex or phrase prepositions. Some examples are in front of, because of, with reference to, in spite of, in addition to, according to, along with, away from, by means of, in place of, etc.

    There is a car in front of the house.
    Rita succeeded because of her hard work.
    In spite of the cold, the children played outside in the garden.

    Prepositions of Place

    Prepositions express several relations. Prepositions of place tell us ‘where’. Some prepositions of place are above, below, under, over, beside, down, near, in front of, around, etc.

    The fruit hung above my head, but I could not reach it. There is a new car in front of the house.
    The man walked down the road.

    At, in and on are used as prepositions of place.

    Someone is at the door.
    I live in Mumbai.
    The painting is on the wall

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