Exercises on Tenses for Class 6 with Answers (All the Tenses)

Tenses are forms of verb that shows the time, continuation of an action. It may also show the state that is expressed in connection with the moment at which a statement is made. Tenses are mainly categorised into three forms Past, Present and Future. Present Tense, Past tense and Future tenses all are further divided into four categories , Simple, Continuous , Perfect and Perfect continuous

Tenses for class 6 Worksheet, Exercises with Answers, Free Pdf

Exercise on Present Tense with Answers

Fill in the blanks with the simple present form of the verbs given in the brackets.

  1. He (smoke) too much, which is why he has breathing problems.
  2. Do you think she (speak) Sindhi as fluently as us?
  3. He (go) for daily walks in the morning.
  4. It is very likely that once she (realise) her full potential she will do very well.
  5. Let’s go out to (pick) up some food once your friend (reach)
    our place.
  6. She (work) as an editor at a publishing house.
  7. My dog (eat) all kinds of meat and veggies as well.
  8. She (match) almost all the necessary criteria needed for the job.
  9. It (rain) almost every weekend in these villages.
  10. As soon as he (pass) out of college, he will look for a job.


  1. smokes
  2. speaks
  3. goes
  4. realises
  5. pick, reaches
  6. works
  7. eats
  8. matches
  9. rains
  10. passes

Exercise on The Present Continuous Tense with Answers

Fill in the blanks with the present continuous form of the verbs given in the brackets.

  1. That young man ___________________(move) to the city today.
  2. The school final examinations ___________________ (begin) right now.
  3. Who is that man ___________________ (sit) outside the principal’s office?
  4. The film ___________________ (start) now. Please get some popcorn.
  5. Are you ___________________ (go) for the ___________________ (swim) sessions today?
  6. Their house is locked, they must ___________________(visit) their grandparents nearby.
  7. Can we start _____________(work) on the project now? It _______________ (get) late.
  8. I hope she _____________(carry) an umbrella, it will start _______________ (rain) soon.
  9. He ___________________ (listen) to the music on his phone.
  10. I hope you ___________________ (pray) for your uncle who is unwell


  1. is moving
  2. are beginning
  3. sitting
  4. is starting
  5. going, swimming
  6. be visiting
  7. working, is getting
  8. is carrying, raining
  9. is listening
  10. are praying

Exercise on Simple Past Tense with Answers

Fill in the blanks with the simple past form of the verbs given in brackets.

  1. They are exhausted because they __________ (play) outside the whole day.
  2. He _____________(sleep) early last night before he ___________(eat) dinner.
  3. We were so hungry we ___________ (eat) the leftover food from yesterday.
  4. She ___________ (go) to the market to get some groceries.
  5. He ___________ (swim) for over two hours in the pool today.
  6. They felt ___________ (disappoint) with their hotel room.
  7. There was a guitar that he really ___________ (want) to buy.
  8. She ___________ (stay) for over a month with us.
  9. They ___________ (say) it would take at least a day to bake the cake.
  10. I ___________(begin) working on the assignment last week but still haven’t
    ___________(finish) it.


  1. played
  2. slept, ate
  3. ate
  4. went
  5. swam
  6. disappointed
  7. wanted
  8. stayed
  9. said
  10. began

Exercise on Past Continuous Form with Answers

Fill in the blanks with the past continuous form of the verbs given in the brackets.

  1. They ___________(play) scrabble before we arrived.
  2. They ___________(go) to Switzerland for the holidays, but then changed their plans.
  3. We ___________(plan) to visit that new restaurant this weekend.
  4. He ___________(live) on his own, before he got married.
  5. He ___________(think) of running for the elections next summer.
  6. It ___________(rain) heavily when we left home.
  7. Last summer, we ___________(drink) fresh fruit juice on the beaches of Hawaii.
  8. Until they stumbled upon the watchman, they were ___________(walk) in the dark.
  9. I remember the time when he ___________(distribute) food packets at the homeless shelter.
  10. He ___________(watch) TV when we rang the bell.


  1. were playing
  2. were going
  3. were planning
  4. was living
  5. was thinking
  6. was raining
  7. were drinking
  8. were walking
  9. was distributing
  10. was watching

Exercise on Future Time ( Future Tense Form) with Answers

Fill in the blanks with the simple future form of the verbs given in the brackets.

  1. I ___________(clean) the house tomorrow.
  2. They ___________(leave) for the concert right now.
  3. She ___________(respond) to your e-mail by tonight.
  4. I hope that they ___________(reach) out to the orphanage by tomorrow.
  5. We ___________(go) to the mall in the evening.
  6. The summer sale ___________(begin) tomorrow morning.
  7. The baby ___________(take) his nap, keeping us awake.
  8. She ___________(buy) a new mobile tomorrow.
  9. The customer care ___________(help) us, because they do not know what to do.
  10. The band ___________(sing) anymore songs because they are tired.


  1. will clean
  2. will leave
  3. will respond
  4. will reach
  5. will go
  6. will begin
  7. will not take
  8. will buy
  9. will not help
  10. will not sing

Exercise on Future continuous form with Answers

Fill in the blanks using verbs in brackets to complete these in their future continuous form.

  1. They (create) a new poster for the event soon.
  2. We (go) out for dinner tonight, because we made food at home.
  3. He (work) at the restaurant anymore, as he is moving to Dubai.
  4. By tomorrow, we (trek) through a path full of snow on our way to Everest.
  5. I (participate) in the donut-eating competition at the mall tomorrow.
  6. In the future, I hope we (pollute) the environment.
  7. The dentist said that tomorrow she (replace) my decayed tooth with a new one.
  8. He promised us that he (fail) in his exams anymore.
  9. In the debate tomorrow I (argue) against the motion.
  10. We (stay) up tonight to watch the lunar eclipse.


  1. will be creating
  2. will not be going
  3. will not be working
  4. will be trekking
  5. will be participating
  6. will not be polluting
  7. will be replacing
  8. will not be failing
  9. will be arguing
  10. will be staying

Exercise on Perfect Tense with Answers

Fill in the blanks with the perfect tense of the verbs given in brackets.

  1. What (happen) to the package that was to arrive today?
  2. I (go) to school and come back by the time he returns.
  3. By tomorrow I (complete) all the homework that I have to submit.
  4. They confessed to a crime they (commit) several years ago.
  5. Her tough background (make) her the person she is today.
  6. They (buy) the decorations by the time I arrived at their place.
  7. They (work) on the conference paper together.
  8. I (bring) you a chocolate cake, if I knew you liked that better.
  9. They knew they (arrive) at their destination when the seat belt sign went off.
  10. We are hoping that they (wake) by the time we arrive at their house.

Answers :

  1. has happened
  2. would have gone
  3. would have completed
  4. had committed
  5. has made
  6. had bought
  7. have worked
  8. would have brought
  9. had arrived
  10. would have woken

Exercise on Mixed Tenses with Answers

Rewrite the sentences by changing the tense of the verbs as directed.

  1. He played the piano throughout the day. (present perfect continuous)
  2. By the time we arrive, they would be performing their dance. (future perfect continuous)
  3. I was waiting for a long time to hear about your trip. (present perfect continuous)
  4. They lived in a small condo until they moved to a new house. (past perfect continuous)
  5. She would have met her friends at the mall if she didn’t have homework. (future perfect
  6. This December, I will complete three years of studying at this institution. (future perfect
  7. We walked for four hours before we finally saw a water pump. (past perfect continuous)
  8. He has not worked anywhere in the last six months. (present perfect continuous)
  9. I was dreaming of a strange place with unicorns before I woke up. (past perfect continuous)
  10. She played for the hockey team for almost ten years. (present perfect continuous)


  1. He has been playing the piano throughout the day.
  2. By the time we arrive, they would have been performing their dance.
  3. I have been waiting to hear about your trip for a long time.
  4. They had been living in a small condo until they moved to a new place.
  5. She would have been meeting her friends at the mall if not for homework.
  6. By this December I will have been studying at this institution for three years.
  7. We had been walking for four hours before we finally saw a water pump.
  8. He has not been working anywhere in the last six months.
  9. I had been dreaming of a strange place with unicorns before I woke up.
  10. She has been playing for the hockey team for almost ten years.


Pick the words from the brackets to complete the sentences in the past form of the verb:

  1. I …………………………. him yesterday. (meet/met)
  2. He ……………………………. asleep while he was driving. (fall/fell)
  3. I ………………………… a new bicycle last week. (buy/bought)
  4. We ………………………….. our homework half an hour ago. (completed/complete)
  5. I …………………………….. an old classmate of mine at the library. (see/saw)

Exercise on Past Simple Statements with Answers

Q.Form complete sentences in the past simple (affirmative or negative),
without contractions, using the information provided.
For example:
Q: I / to know / not / where he lived
A: I did not know where he lived.

  1. the postman / to be / late again
  2. Felicity / to grow / tomatoes in her garden
  3. he / to understand / not / the project
  4. we / to fail / to finish in time
  5. they / to give / not / us the bag of flour
  6. Liam / to ask / not / the question politely
  7. the hummingbirds / to build / a nest in our attic
  8. the piano / to look / too old to use


  1. The postman was late again.
  2. Felicity grew tomatoes in her garden.
  3. He did not understand the project.
  4. We failed to finish in time.
  5. They did not give us the bag of flour.
  6. Liam did not ask the question politely.
  7. The hummingbirds built a nest in our attic.
  8. The piano looked too old to use.

Exercise on Mixed Past Continuous Tenses Exercise

Complete the following dialogue with the appropriate past continuous
affirmative, negative or question form, using the information in brackets.
Simon: Do you know what I just saw? An ice cream van
(1) ___________________ (to drive) down our road.
Carl: Really? (2) ____________ (they / to sell) ice cream? It’s
Simon: Well, (3) ______________ (it / to play) music, so I think they
wanted customers.
Carl: (4) ________________ (the van / to go) to the beach?
Simon: It couldn’t have been; (5) _____________ (the driver / to head / not) in the right direction.
Carl: Then where (6) _________________ (he / to plan) to park?
Simon: Hmm. (7) _____________________ (something / happen / not) in the
town centre earlier today?
Carl: Of course! (8) ___________________ (they / open) a new sports shop
this morning!
Simon: Oh! I (9) _________________ (to think) about going to that, but I
decided not to.
Carl: But (10) ____________________ (you / to expect / not) ice cream! Let’s

Simple Present Tense : To show a fact or something that is always true. For example ‘The heart pumps blood through the body‘.

Present Continuous Tense : We use the present continuous tense to show that we are in the middle of an activity at the given moment or that an action is in progress at the given moment. It also states that an activity which started in the past and is continuous into the future. For example ‘ I am eating my lunch

Present Perfect Tense : This tense connects the present to the past. It describes an action that happened in the past and goes right into the present moment. It does not tell us the time of the action but tells us the outcome of the action. For Example ‘Ravi is gone

Present Perfect Continuous Tense : Used for an action that began in the past and has been continuing up to now. For example ‘Neetu and I have been talking about visiting Jaipur.

Simple Past Tense : We use the simple past tense for events that happened or started and completed in the past and that have no relation with the present. For example ‘ I finished my lunch an hour ago

Past Continuous Tense: Past continuous tense describes actions or events in a time before now, which began in the past and were still going on at the time of speaking. It expresses unfinished or incomplete action in the past. For example , ‘I was playing

Past Perfect Tense : It suggests an earlier past. When we are already talking about a past action, we will have to use the past perfect tense to refer to an action that took place even earlier. For Example, ‘ I had not played

Simple Future Tense : It talks about an action that will take place in the future. For example ‘ I will see you tomorrow

Future Continuous Tense: It talks about an action that will take be in progress at a time in future. For example ‘I shall/will be writing the letter

Future Perfect Tense : To show that an activity will be completed by a specified time in the future. For example ‘ I will have saved about one thousand by the month end

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