Some Encouraging Steps to Enhance the Creativity Among Your Kids

Ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties, to meet challenges in a variety of ways, is a consequence of creative intelligence. As children develop ingenious, they learn to trust their own faculty,  instincts and unique abilities. They attain a positive attitude toward solving deeper hurdles and problem. Resourceful children grow into confident and assiduous people. Just as important, they tap into the abundance of joys life has to offer.

The capacity to be creative emanate from our phenomenal brain, but not just any other brain. Creativity can only be harnessed and harvested from a well-nurtured brain. It requires a collective effort between genetic inheritance and responsible adults willing to cultivate and stimulate.

If we raise children enough courageous to be innovative and creative,we impart a gift money can’t buy. Thus below mentioned are some quick tips and seed your child’s imagination.

Tips for Encouraging Creativity

Always try to encourage  the curios nature of your kids and their answer seeking qualities. Some of the best ways parents can respond to a child’s queries is by saying, “I may not know exactly. Is their anyway we could find the answer?”

Don’t choke and numb the creativity with too many plastic toys and electronic gadgets. Try to avoid buying kids every product marketed with the latest movie or cartoon character so that creativity will have room to grow. Products like your mobile phones, video games are nifty, but kids don’t stretch their imagination when we supply ready made stuff filled with lethargy. Pre-assembled toys, mobile phones, electronic gadgets rob kids of chances to think on their own.

Value varying ideas and opinions offered by your kids. Enhance the brainstorming session whenever you get the chance by saying: “Well, that looks like one way of looking at it,” or “What a Great idea, I’ve never thought of that before. Let’s try it!”

Encourage exploration. Indulge in making specific and motivating comments, like: “That sounds interesting; you created a secret passage-way with the blocks,” or “The way you mixed different greens for leaves makes your tree look very real.”

Never sham or embarrass your children who try to experiment through trial and error. Never utter words like: “What in the name of lord were you thinking of?” Instead offer support, “If it is not working you should try something else; I am sure you will get it” Encouraging the reasonable risk taking ability always fuels creativity.

If you child gets a project work from school, if you can engage with your kid and offer your help but never try to finish his/her project because you can do it fast. Off course you can, but that will steal a very good opportunity for the kid to grow his/her creative abilities.

Stimulate imaginative, independent thought by posing questions. In projects avoid giving your lists of do’s and don’ts. Instead try your kids to carry on with their witty steps and if your kid has taken some surprising steps , try to ask and understand the perspective.

Resist perfectionism.  Also resist to put finishing touches on a child’s project to make it perfect. Always respect the learning that takes place while a project is made. That process of project making is much more important than the final product. With practice, products improve.

Avoid discouraging phrases and negativity. Judgmental comments penalize creative experimentation. Omit phrases like: “No, that’s not how you do it; here, let me do it for you,” “That would never work,” or “Can’t you ever do anything right?”

Whether the creative step of your kid is right or wrong, show respect for the effort. 

Avoid making comparisons between your siblings’ work and talent. Please don’t say things like: “You surely can’t tell a story as good as your brother.” Or, “Why can’t you paint a pretty picture like your sister; you use all those dark muddy colors.”

Humor helps kids take joy in their creative intelligence. Laugh together often, and don’t be shy about saying: “You tickled my funny bone with that one!”

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