CBSE Class 6 English Grammar Adjectives Types and Worksheets

Adjective Exercises – Class 6 Grammar Worksheets

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Adjective is a word that denotes or modifies an attributes of a noun. For example ” a strong rope.”


Adjectives of Quality:
It describes the quality of a person or a thing. For example ‘an intelligent girl’

Adjectives of Quantity :
An adjective of quantity specifies the quantity of a thing. For Example ‘enough water’

Adjectives of Number:
An adjective of number tells how many persons or things. For Example , ‘fifty people’.

Distributive Numeral Adjectives :
These refer to each one of the number. They are used with singular nouns. For example ‘each, every, either

Demonstrative Adjectives:
Demonstrative adjectives point out which person or thing is meant. For example ‘ this, that, these those such

Possessive Adjectives:
It shows belongingness or possession. For example ‘Her car is new’

Interrogative Adjectives:
Interrogative adjectives ask a question about the nouns they precede. There are three interrogative adjectives — what,which and whose. For example ‘What colour’

Proper Adjectives:
These are adjectives formed using proper nouns. For example ‘Chinese, Asian, African

Emphatic Adjectives:
They influence the effect of the noun they are modifying. For example ‘absolutely correct’

Participle Adjectives:
Some particles, ending in -ing are used before nouns as adjectives. For example ‘ flying saucer, running stream’