Grade 6 Articles English Grammar worksheets with explanation

Articles Worksheets for CBSE Class 6 – English Grammar

Articles Exercise for Class 6 – Worksheet 1

Articles Exercise for Class 6 – Worksheet 2

Articles Exercise for Class 6 – Worksheet 3

  • The words a, an and the are called articles
  • They point out to people or things
  • A and an are indefinite articles. They suggest any person or thing
  • The is a definite article. It points to a specific person , place or thing or that has been already mentioned before.

Use of A : We use a before countable nouns in its singular form, beginning with a consonant sound. For Example, ‘ a boy, a shop

Use of AN : We use an before countable nouns in their singular form beginning with a vowel sound. For Example, ‘an octopus, an ice cream

Use of The : The is used before a noun when we want to particularise it. For example,’ We lost the ball we were playing with, Close the last window

Omission of Articles

  • No article is used with proper nouns. For example ‘Rita is citizen of USA
  • No article is used before abstract nouns. For example , ‘Sincerity is quality
  • No article is used before material nouns such as gold, silver , water etc., unless they are particularised. For example , ‘ The milk in the jug is cold
  • The English means English people and English means , the English language