Class 6 English Practice Worksheets – Prepositions

CBSE Class 6 Prepositions Worksheet

Preposition Exercise for Class 6 – Worksheet 1

Preposition Exercise for Class 6 – Worksheet 2

Preposition Exercise for Class 6 – Worksheet 3

Preposition Exercise for Class 6 – Worksheet 4

What are Prepositions?

A preposition describes a relationship between other words in a sentence. It is a word that describes a relationship between noun and pronoun and any other word in a sentence. It usually comes before a noun and hence, gives information about time , place or direction.
It sits in front of ( is pre-positioned before) its object. Examples of prepositions are about, below, off, for, on , under but down during etc etc..

Prepositions of Time : AT,ON,IN,FOR AND SINCE

At: We use at to designate specific time for example “The train is due at 1:30 pm”

In: We use in for non-specific times during a day, month, season or a year. for example ” She likes to jog in the morning”

On: We use on to designate name of streets, avenues, etc. For example “His house is on the main street “

For: We use for to measure time ( seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years). For example ” He’s lived there for nine years.

Since: We use since with specific date or time. For example ” She’s worked here since 1990″

Preposition with Nouns, Adjectives and Verbs

Prepositions are sometimes so firmly joined to other words that they have practically become one word. In fact , in other languages, such as German, they would have become one word.) This occurs in three categories : nouns adjectives and verbs. Examples ‘approval of’ , ‘love of’ , ‘fond of’ , ‘made of’, ‘look up’ , ‘study for’ , ‘think about’ etc etc..

Idiomatic expressions with prepositions

  • agree to a proposal, with a person, on a price, in principal
  • argue about a matter,with a person, for or against a proposition
  • compare to, to show likeness with to, to show differences( sometimes similarities)
  • correspond to a thing, with a person
  • differ from an unlike thing, with a person
  • live at an address, in a house or city, on a street, with other people.