Unseen Passage for Class 5 with Questions and Answers

For Students of Class 5 in CBSE affiliated schools, Unseen passages is an integral part of English paper and students need to have lots of practice to get the knack of how to solve these reading comprehensions perfectly in less time and score high marks.In this blog, we will provide you with various Unseen Passages for CBSE Class 5 Activities and Worksheets, to make it easier for you as a student to prepare Reading section of final exam paper.Read on to find out.

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Unseen Passage for Class 5 with questions and answers

Amelia Earhart stood with her father, watching the airplanes swoop and dive. They were watching an air show at Long Beach. Amelia was very excited. She knew what she wanted to do. She wanted to fly! Flying was rough and dangerous. Planes were unsafe and they often crashed. Yet Amelia wanted to fly in a plane. Her father said that she could take a short flight. Amelia felt thrilled as the pilot took off. From high in the sky, she could see the ocean and the Hollywood hills. The sight was so wonderful that she was sure she wanted to be a pilot. So she began to take classes. Once she could fly, she wanted her own plane. She took several small jobs and saved every penny. By the time she was twenty-four, she had saved enough money to buy a tiny plane. It was called Canary because it was painted a bright yellow. In the beginning, Amelia had many small accidents when flying. These accidents made other people worry a lot. But Amelia was not worried about them. Later that year, Amelia made her first solo flight. The take-off was difficult, but she did it. Then she flew up high over the airfield. Now she was free to be alone in the sky as much as she liked..

Answer the following questions. 

  • What did Amelia want to do and when was she filled with this longing?
    Answer: Amelia wanted to fly. She was filled with this longing when she went to watch an air show at Lona Beach with her father.
  • What did Amelia see from the skies? How did the sight influence her?
    Answer: Amelia could see the ocean and the Hollywood hills from the skies. The sight was so wonderful that she decided that she would become a pilot one day
  • How did she manage to buy herself a plane?
    Answer: She took several small jobs and saved every penny and by the time she was twenty-four, she had saved enough money to buy herself a tiny plane
  • What was the cause of worry for others?
    Answer: Amelia had many small accidents while flying her airplane. This caused others to worry a lot.
  • When did Amelia take her first solo flight? How did this make her feel?
    Answer: Amelia made her first solo flight later in the year.When she flew up high over the airfield, she felt free to be alone in the sky as much as she liked

Unseen Passage for Class 5
Every evening, Leela took Sidda, who worked for the family, in and she held a class for him. She had a box filled wit catalogues, illustrated books and stumps of pencils. It gave her great joy to play the teacher to Sidda who had to give up the family’s housework to attend Leela’s class. She made him squat on the floor with a pencil between his fingers and a notebook in front of him. She had another pencil and commanded, “Now write.” And he had to try and copy whatever she wrote in the pages of her notebook new two or three letters of the alphabet and could draw a kind of cat and a croW. But, Sidda would not be able to copy any of these. She said, examining his effort, “Is this howl have drawn the crow? Is this how I have drawn the B?” She pitied him and redoubled her efforts to teach him. But Sidda was unable to use a pencil. It looked as if Leela would keep him there, pinned to his seat, until his stiff wrist cracked. He sought relief by saying, i think your mother is calling you in for dinner.” Leela would drop the pencil and run out of the room, and the school hour would come to an end.

Choose the correct answers from the brackets

  1. Leela was ______________(a little girl/a big girl)
  2. Sidda was. ________________.(the helper/ the neighbour)
  3. Leela liked to teach Sidda because _________________.(she was educated / she liked to play teacher to him)
  4. Sidda obeyed Leela because _____________________( he liked to pamper her/ she was his employer’s daughter)
  5. Sidda said Leela’s mother was calling her to dinner because ____________________. (he wanted to be free/ he wanted to eat).
    1. a little girl 2. the helper 4. she was his employer’s daughter 5. he wanted to be free

Discursive Passage for Class 5 with Answers

Poor Farmer
On the edge of a village, lived a poor farmer. He lived in a small hut, in the middle of a tiny piece of land. Years before when he had come to live here on the edge of the village, people had tried to be friendly. But the farmer was a strange man. He did not talk much to anyone. Soon the people went about there own business and left him to himself. Near the farmer’s hut, there was an old tree. In a hole in the tree, lived a cobra. When the days were hot cobra would come out of its hole, and coil itself up in the shade of the tree. The farmer would sit on the ground nearby until the sun had set and then return to his hut. One day, the owner of the land on which the farmer lived, came up to the farmer and said,”I must have firewood for my home.I want you to cut down this tree.” Having said this he walked away. The poor farmer felt helpless.The tree that had been giving him shade and comfort would go! He would lose his companion, the cobra too. The man sat on the ground in the cool shade of the tree. Near the man, lay the cobra and the two remained still in utter silence. The sun set and the man did not return to his hut. The cobra lay coiled and watched his friend sadly. Then, it turned and just slithered away, never to be seen again.

Answer the following questions. 

  • Pick words that tell you that the farmer thought of the cobra as his friend.
    Answer: He would lose his companion, the cobra too.
  • How did the cobra handle the heat?
    Answer: When the days were hot, the cobra would come out of its hole, and coil itself up in the shade of thetree
  • How did man and snake respond to the land-owner’s instruction?
    Answer: The cobra lay near man and the two remained still in utter silence. The man did not return home in the evening and the cobra lay coiled and watched his friend sadly. Then, it turned and just slithered away, never to be seen again.
  • Did the farmer have any friends?
    Answer: No.
  • Was the farmer afraid of the cobra?
    Answer: No

Unseen Passage for Class 5

Mention the word shark to someone on the beach and you are bound to get a reaction. Sharks have been the most feared predator of the ocean. Sharks are fish. They have been around since the time of dinosaurs. They can be found in oceans all over the world, and they have also been found in some rivers and lakes. One difference between most other fish and a shark is that most fish have bones and a shark has cartilage. Cartilage is tough, but it is not as strong as bone. Another difference is that the shark is only able to swim forward, while most: fish can swim forwards and backwards. Fish also generally have slippery scales, while a shark has rough scales that feel like sandpaper. There are many different types of shark. In fact, there are about 368 different types. The differences include colour, habitat, behaviour, and size. Sharks are also known for their very sharp teeth. They do not use their teeth to chew their food. Instead they swallow large chunks of food. They have five rows of teeth. If a tooth is broken, it is replaced by another tooth. Sharks are carnivores, meaning that they eat meat. Sharks do not normally attack people. It seems like sharks attack people a lot, but the chances of getting stung by a bee or getting hit by lightning are greater. Even so, experts say it is important to keep an eye out for sharks when swimming in the ocean.

Answer the following questions. 

  1. Sharks are greatly feared by humans because they …
    a. are good swimmers.
    b. are carnivores.
    c. are the right size.
    d. eat only plants.
    Answer : ( c ) 
  2. According to the passage, how are sharks different from most other fish?
    a. They do not have scales.
    b. They are slow moving.
    c. They are camouflaged
    d. They are not able to swim backwards.
    Answer : (d)
  3. Why did the author include the first paragraph?
    a. to generally introduce sharks
    b. to clear up misconceptions about sharks
    c. to generate questions about sharks
    d. to identify the food eaten by sharks
    Answer: (a)
  4. The best way to find the answer to the previous question is to …
    a. reread the entire passage.
    b. reread the first paragraph and determine the main idea.
    c. look for the words shark and habitat.
    d. reread the fourth paragraph and determine the main idea.
    Answer : (b)

Short Unseen Passage Class 5 with questions and answers

Climbing High
Each morning, Kinga the koala bear would get up to practice climbing trees. She wanted to compete in the annual tree-climbing contest. Her mother didn’t think she was big enough. Her father didn’t think she was strong enough. Her friends didn’t think she was tough enough. But Kinga had the will to try. There were other races around the area that Kinga decided to compete in before the big event. At her first race, Kinga came in dead last. Tears dropped from her eyes as she walked home. She knew that she could have done better, but she had forgotten to get her claws deep enough inside the tree because she was so worried about going fast. The onlookers laughed at her as she slipped down the tree. At the next small race, Kinga dug her claws in so deep that she had a hard time getting them out fast enough. In fact, Kinga was stuck for a few minutes. The crowd laughed as Kinga came in last again. Finally, the day of the annual tree-climbing event was here. Kinga’s parents were so worried about their daughter. They didn’t want her to be laughed at again! But as the whistle blew, Kinga raced up the tree. She was the first to reach the top. She had won! She couldn’t believe it. The crowd cheered for Kinga. As Kinga walked home at the end of the day, a tear trickled down her face-but this time it was a tear of joy!

Answer the following questions. 

  1. What is the problem in the story?
    a. Kinga’s mom thinks that she isn’t big enough.
    b. Kinga’s father thinks that she isn’t strong enough
    c.The crowd is laughing at Kinga.
    d. Kinga is having a hard time learning how to climb the tree quickly..
    Answer : ( d ) 
  2. Which of the following words best describes Kinga?
    a. dedicated.
    b. insecure.
    c. quick-witted
    d. dull.
    Answer : (a)
  3. What is the moral to the story?
    a. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones
    b. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again
    c. Big things come in small packages
    d. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket
    Answer: (b)

Unseen Passage for Class 5 with answers

Louis Braillea
Young French boy invented the Braille system of reading at the age of 12. This form of reading was different than any other. It changed words into raised dots in different combinations. The Braille system enabled blind people to finally read. Louis himself was blind.

Louis was born near Paris on January 4, 1809. He became blind by accident. When he was only three years old, he grabbed an awl. An awl is a tool used to make holes. The awl slipped and hurt his eye. His eye was infected, and soon the other eye became infected. Louis lost sight in both eyes. It was very difficult for Louis, but soon he learned to adjust to his blindness. He began looking for ways to continue learning. He went to a special school for the blind.

While there, he began creating an alphabet based on an old army code. It consisted of raised bumps and slashes, but it was a long process. When Louis arrived home on vacation, he began experimenting with a dull awl making bumps on paper. Each letter of the alphabet consisted of six dots arranged differently. This would make reading much faster and easier for a blind person. Louis Braille used the same tool that caused his blindness to help blind people to read! It was an amazing achievement.

Answer the following questions. 

  • Which of the following statements could be made about Louis Braille?
    a. Louis learned to write books using the Braille system.
    b. Louis’s accident ended up improving the lives of blind people everywhere
    c. Louis Braille could have used more support from his parents.
    d. Louis Braille used his anger to improve his life.
    Answer : ( b ) 
  • What conclusions can be drawn about Louis Braille after reading this passage?
    a. He was religious and dedicated to missionary work.
    b. He was wealthy and lived a life of Luxury.
    c. He was hard-working and persevering.
    d. He was lazy and undetermined.
    Answer : ( c )
  • Which statement explains why Louis Braille’s system was successful?
    a. He began looking for ways to continue learning.
    b. Each letter of the alphabet consisted of six dots arranged differently.
    c. This would make reading much faster and easier for a blind person.
    d. It was an amazing discovery.
    Answer : ( c ) 
  • What is the meaning of the word enabled as used in the passage?
    a. made possible.
    b. injured.
    c. unable.
    d. judged.
    Answer : ( a )

Unseen Passage with Multiple Choice questions and answers for Class 5

Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra, who many consider to be one of the greatest singers of all time, never had plans to become a singer. Born on December 12, 1915, Frank grew up wanting to be a sportswriter. He worked as an office boy for a local newspaper. But after hearing Bing Crosby and Billie Holiday, he began singing. He got a quartet together to sing, which led to a job as a singing waiter at a roadhouse. He got his big break in 1939. He joined the Harry James band and sang famous songs like “From the Bottom of My Heart.”

Frank was soon lured away by Tommy Dorsey. Dorsey helped him to become a sensation throughout the 1940s. His crooning voice drove the audiences wild. The women loved his soft voice. Sintara got a start in movies in the late 1940s and he would continue to star in films throughout the 1950s. His first film was Las Vegas Nights.

Frank would marry four times. His last wife, Barbara, was said to have a calming effect on him. He was known for his wild parties with the “Rat Pack,” which included such famous figures as Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr. At the age of 71, he was hospitalised to have surgery on his intestines. In March 1994, he was hospitalised again. Two years after that, he was in the hospital again for a pinched nerve. Two months later, he would die of a heart attack.

Answer the following questions. 

  • A good title for this reading passage would be…
    a. “The Rat Pack”
    b. “Frank Sinatra: The Actor”
    c. “Life and Times of Frank Sinatra”
    d. Frank and Family”
    Answer : ( c ) 
  • Which of the following statements about Frank Sinatra is true?
    a. He was hospitalised for a broken back.
    b. He wanted to be a sportswriter for the newspaper.
    c. He claimed ownership of the “Rat Pack.”
    d. He was taught to sing by Sammy Davis, Jr.
    Answer : ( b )
  • In the second paragraph, what does the word crooning mean?
    a. soft, low tone.
    b. high-pitched voice.
    c. ear-splitting scream
    d. low baritone
    Answer : ( a ) 
  • Why was Frank Sinatra’s singing so appreciated by the fans?
    a. He hypnotised the audiences.
    b. He was creative and young.
    c. He was able to sing in a crooning voice that audiences loved.
    d. He had been taught voice lessons by a great singer.
    Answer : ( c )

English Unseen Passage for Class 5 pdf with answers

The Red Fox
The red fox is a rusty red colour with a whitish colour on the belly. This animal is about the same size as a dog. The ears on a red fox are prominent, which make it look much different than a dog. The tail is bushy with a white tip. Other colour varieties of the red fox also occur, including black, silver, and a cross phase in which a dark area crosses over the shoulders and down the middle of the back. The red fox prefers to roam where there is a marsh and field or along the edge of the forest. It can also be found on farmland, prairies, and in woodlands. The red fox thrives in British Columbia.

The red fox has a great sense of smell, hearing, and sight. This makes it a great predator. It can track and catch prey quickly and easily. The fox is an omnivore, which means it eat… both meat and plants. The fox feeds on berries, grasses, apples, birds, small animals, insects, and com. The enemies of the red fox are the coyote, the lynx, and humans. Humans are sometimes quick to kill a fox if it is seen on their property.

The red fox grows to be about three-and-a-half feet long and weighs between 10 and 15 pounds. It has long legs and it has a body built for speed. It has a long nose, erect ears, and narrow eyes. The red fox is most active at night. It may spend more time awake during the day in the winter because food is scarce then.

Answer the following questions. 

  • A likely reason people might think the red fox is cunning and crafty is because of its . . . .
    a. ability to run fast.
    b. big size.
    c. smell
    d. look
    Answer : ( d ) 
  • Another word for prey is
    a. prayer.
    b. characteristic.
    c. victim
    d. diet.
    Answer : ( c )
  • Which of the following would be the most accurate description of the red fox’s diet?
    a. vegetables and com.
    b. berries, grasses, apples, birds, small animals, insects, and com.
    c. small animals, insects, and com
    d. berries, grasses, apples, birds, coyotes, insects, and com
    Answer : ( b ) 
  • The red fox has keen senses of …
    a. taste, smell, and hearing.
    b. hearing, sight, and touch.
    c. sight, hearing, and smell.
    d. smell, sight, and taste.
    Answer : ( c )

English Unseen Passage for Class 5 with MCQ Questions and Answers

Anne Frank
Anne Frank was a young girl who wrote a diary that has probably been read by more people than any other diary. Anne was born on June 12,1929, in Germany. She lived during the time that Adolf Hitler was taking over Eastern Europe and exterminating the Jews and other non-Aryans who lived there. Her family escaped to the Netherlands, where they thought they would be safe. But Hitler and his armies eventually came to the Netherlands and attempted to round up all of the Jews.

Because of the kindness of friends, Anne’s family was taken to an empty section of her father’s office building, where they were hidden for almost two years. Anne had received a diary that she lovingly called Kitty. She wrote in her diary on a regular basis. This diary shared with the world what life was like living in this hiding place.

On August 4, 1944, the Frank family was betrayed. Someone told the German officers of the family living in the hiding place, and they were found. The family was sent to work in a camp. Anne and her sister, Margot, had to smash batteries. The acid burned the girls’ skin. Anne and her sister would die of typhus just weeks before the British anny liberated the camp.

Anne’s diary was found by some of the workers in the building where they hid. The diary was published in 1947. The diary has been translated into 50 languages, and millions of copies of the book have been sold.

Answer the following questions. 

  • Based on reading the passage, what was one of Anne’s interests?
    a. playing hopscotch
    b. writing
    c. helping and serving others
    d. playing with her pet dog
    Answer: (b)
  • What can you conclude about Anne Frank?
    a. She was loved and adored by everyone.
    b. She was able to accomplish many things in such a short time period.
    c. She was learning to speak another language.
    d. She lived a courageous life and shared her life in writing.
    Answer: (d)
  • Which of the following statements is not true about Anne Frank?
    a. Anne and her sister, Margot, had to smash batteries.
    b. Anne learned to speak many languages.
    c. On August 4, 1944, the Frank family was betrayed.
    d. She wrote in her diary on a regular basis.
    Answer: (b)
  • What is the main idea of paragraph three?
    a. the descriptions of Anne’s first diary entry
    b. Anne’s experience of living and working in the concentration camp
    c. the experience of how Anne’s family was freed from the camps
    Answer: (b)

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Unseen Passages for Class 5 with Questions and Answers in PDF