Worksheet for Class 6 Maths Algebra – Chapter 11

Download free pdf of Chapter 11 Algebra Worksheets for Class 6 Maths. Students can easily get all the Class 6 Maths Worksheets and Exercises in Free Printable ( PDF Format) as per the latest syllabus and examination pattern in CBSE and NCERT pattern. Below you will find all the Algebra related sums that are asked in 6th Grade Mathematics Exams Across Indian Schools.

Algebra Worksheets for Class 6 in PDF Format

Class 6 Algebra Practice Worksheet

Q.1 Which is a solution of the equation 7x + 5 = 19
(a) x = 2 (b) x = 3 (c) x = 4 (d) x = 6

Q.2 Which is a solution of the equation 4x – 3 = 13
(a) x = 2 (b) x = 3 (c) x = 4 (d) x = 6

Q.3 Which is a solution of the equation 5x + 2 = 17
(a) x = 2 (b) x = 3 (c) x = 4 (d) x = 6

Q.4 Which is a solution of the equation 3x – 14 = 4
(a) x = 2 (b) x = 3 (c) x = 4 (d) x = 6

Q.5 The age of Siddarth is x years , Sahil is 5 years older than Siddharth therefore Sahils age is
(a) 5x (b) x–5 (c) x+5 (d) x / 5

Q.6 The number of rows is 6 class is equal to the number of columns. If the number of rows is ‘b’ then the total students in the 6 class are:
(a) 2b (b) 2 + b (c) b2 (d) 0

Q.7 The teacher distributes 4 pencils per student. Can you tell how many pencils are needed, given the number of students? (Use s for the number of students.)

Q.8 A bird flies 5 kilometer in one minute. Can you express the distance covered by the bird in terms of its flying time in minutes? (Use t for flying time in minutes.)

Q.9 Vandana is Meghna’s younger sister. Vandana is 4 years younger than Meghna. Can you write Vandana ‘s age in terms of Meghna ‘s age? Take Meghna ‘s age to be x years.

Q.10 Father has brought laddus. He gives some laddus to guests and family members; still 9 laddus remain. If the number of laddus father gave away is l, how many laddus did he brought?

Q.11 Apples are to be transferred from larger boxes into smaller boxes. When a large box is emptied, the apples from it fill three smaller boxes and still 20 apples remain outside. If the number of apples in a small box are taken to be x, what is the number of apples in the larger box?

Q.12 Radha is drawing a dot Rangoli (a beautiful pattern of lines joining dots with chalk powder. She has 10 dots in a row. How many dots will her Rangoli have for r rows? How many dots are there if there are 9 rows? If there are 12 rows?

Algebra Worksheets for CBSE Class 6 in PDF